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Farm Murders in South Africa (from 1994-present)

Please view entire article and photographs here:

There is very litte official interest in the murder of white farmers. The closest to a comprensive website dealing with it is the Dutch website:

Note: Farm attacks in South Africa are 700% higher than attacks on farms in any other country on Earth.

Note: The farm murders page on this website has been extremely popular for its gruesome photos ever since I put it up. However, I have noted, on occasion that some of the more liberal-minded people outside SA query whether the photos on this site are real. Well, now in the Video section of the Photo Gallery you can now view or download a 15 minute documentary which was shown to millions in South Africa by a reputable TV channel (MNET), which backs up everything in the photos on this website regarding farm murders.

With regard to the photos on this site, I obtained them from various sources including a senior person in the Public Relations Dept of the Transvaal Agricultural Union. These photos are actual Police Crime Scene photos. Exactly who took them and gave them to various people I do not know. To the best of my knowledge they are photos smuggled out from people with links to the Police. (Police are also interviewed in the documentary you will see).

Further Note: Farm attacks have increased over the years and are now happening at twice the levels before - however, the better security precautions taken by farmers are resulting in annual murder rates remaining more or less the same (about 150 farmers being murdered per annum out of a total number of 60,000 farmers). As at Mid-2003, the death toll of murdered which South African farmers stands at: 1,400. Over 1,400 white farmers or their family members have been killed in several thousand farm attacks since 1994. Detailed studies of these farm attacks show them to be politically motivated. It has been alleged (a) That a training video has been discovered showing blacks the tactics needed to watch farmers, stalk them and kill them (b) A "gang" is apparently offering $250 for the murder of a white farmer. Who funds this gang, is unclear, but it is suspected that it is linked back to politicians in South Africa.

Please view entire article and photographs here:[/url]

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