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Politics and Business - The Connivance of the Two




All of words written on this blog is not intended to influence any one. This is my way for me to express my thoughts and realization I come up in events happening to my surrounding and in my country, Philippines.

Common Questions I asked:

1. Mineral Bottled Water - Why do we have this called Mineral Bottled Water claiming this water is distilled and cleaner than the water we have in our house? And why we need to buy it? Lastly why not instead make the water distilled and clean as the Mineral Bottled water in our home?

2. Market Price Hike - Gas and oil price hike, why we cannot control the price? Why not share the transparency and computation of the price to public making sure everyone is aware? In Electricity, when they say they need to increase the charge, how they do the computation and who verify that the computation is correct?

3. Foods and Related - Why alcoholic drinks, cigarette and related cost much more and higher tax while this chemical foods in canned goods are allowed having low taxes?

4. Tax - Rolling out the top tax payer mostly are drama artist or in short known in the public very well. But how about CEO of top corporations in the country getting billions of income every year?

5. LAW - it was made for the people in the country, to the mass, to everyone which promotes EQUALITY, but why when the law implements, it relies on the Business, owner of one place? More over when case gets filed, why poor people should first have $$$ on their pockets to have good battle in the court?

Above is only few things I asked in my tons of questions everyday I get to realize as I grow old.

More things on my next post on part II.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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All your questions are like facts which can't be changed. Even politicians assures us to rectify all the differences but all are in vain. Nobody raise voice against it which is also a problem.
gwencorwin123 on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:00 am
The answer to 3 is fairly easy. Why would you want to tax basic chemicals? That would have all sorts of unintended consequences. Cigs and Alcohol are KNOWN to be damaging and to have major costs for any economy. Chemicals in foods do NOT generally harm people directly and in fact often prevent serious harm. The major problems arising from food are linked to amounts and types, not to the additives they contain.
Bikerman on Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:05 am
There's also the factor of choice in there; alcohol and cigarettes (and other taxed drugs) are consumption choices... they are in no way a necessity; to avoid taxation, don't consume. Food is a different story, the choice to not consume leads to death Razz There is some choice involved, though economics tends to limit those choices; low quality food is cheap, high quality food is not. Taxing low quality foods would punish the already vulnerable while rewarding the affluent; the consequences of which are somewhat obvious.

#1 - mineral water and distilled water are rather different beasts; distilled water is close to pure water, it's been distilled, while mineral water, as the name suggests, has many dissolved minerals (etc.) within it. No one needs to buy it, unless their alternative water supply is polluted, or absent... for everyone else, it's a luxury choice.
You can add various water purification systems to the water supply in your home; the only thing slowing you down might be the cost of these filters/purifiers.

#2 - Gas prices are set in somewhat unusual ways, but, they are based on a commodity market, which tend to be somewhat unstable. Petrol is also a limited commodity, so we can only expect prices to increase as consumption continues.

#4 - This is about tax breaks for the rich? I'm not sure what you're getting at.

#5 - At least in my country, the poor (and everyone, really) have access to public lawyers; you can pay for a higher profile lawyer if you have the money, but everyone has the right to basic representation.
Ankhanu on Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:50 pm

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