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Meditation In MY Experience!

On the behalf of my wonderful meditation experiences. I must say that meditation is a subject of experience more than understanding! It is beyond understanding. Because, I think it happens, just happens! actually in the 'no mind condition'. As i said it happens! means, because it can't be done by doing anything. No thoughts, No time lmits remains when it is happening, let me discribe this in more depth by this example :-
When you preys, then time is gone no questions about time arises. If it arises it means your not doing the prey. When you prey honestly, you are freed from time. And offcourse! you are out of time when preying, All the tic-tac's of watch will lost.
Do you know about Einstein's "Therory Of Relativity". It is one of the the bigest invention of the last century's inventions. It's a very hard theory, very typical theory to understand.
And Einstein found himself in a big trouble, Whenever somebody ask him about that theroy again and again. Everybody was asking about that, in parties, in clubs, friends, even when walking on the road or in garden.
Everywhere somebody is stopping him and asking that. Hey you are Einstein, Please please describe us that theory in short. Finelly he got an idea to describe his theory.
He says : It's like that you got your girlfriend(love) back After some years. And you both are siting on a beach at fullmoon knight. Fresh air is touching both of u. And you sits with, putting hands on each other. Stars are twinkling, and at this location. You both are talking about your alone spended years or somthing else.
By this way, The time will run faster. Actully time will fly. You will look at your watch again and again, you will not bealive on your watch and thoughts is it running faster. So this way you'll spend one hour and it seems as just one minute or one second gone.
And on another hand :
Imagine that your wife is gone to her home for three days,
And you've taken a long 'Thank God....!' breath. What will happen, if she come back after just one day instead of three days, or returns from station, and saying, i'm not in mood to go.
yeah! yourjini knows, there is no faits of wifes. They can't see her husbend happy.
Remembering one Quote this time "When you love a women, she closes her eyes."
Do you know the reason? why they close eyes? Let me! tell you.
They close eyes because they can't see her husbend enjoying. They can't bear, that her stupid, foolish husband is enjoying that much!! That's why they close eyes.Now we return to our topic, So Einstein says:
If your wife come back before your expectations, and you have to sit with her.
Then the same things, same locations seems like that they are coming to eat you. Same moon, same stars will bite you.
And about the same sea you will suppose to jump into and get die. You will check your watch again and again but with different intentions as is it running or not, or niddels are moving or not. You must feel that time is running very slowly.
And he says it "Theory of relativity".
Einstein says this Because he knows about these two dimentions of time. But may be he did'nt ever consider about the third dimention. On the basis of my own experiences of meditation.
I must say that there is something more, something beyond these both dimentions.
I named it "The thired dimention of time". Where time remain stays or stoped. Neither it'll run faster nor it runs slower. Actully time does'nt exist there. Time is absolutely zero there (TIME=0).
So in conclusion we got that :
(1) With Girlfriend(love), watch becomes faster.
(2) With Wife watch becomes slower.
(3) In Meditation, Time stays or stoped (Time = 0).
I said all this, because there are too many peopels who wish to know about, how much time they have to give to meditate. Or asking something like that.
But YOURJINI says :
"Meditation is only the subject to take from infinite, Without giving anything."
Because it costs YOU! YOU! AND ONLY YOU!! not anything from you.
One last thing Yourjini wish to ask you!
UNDERSTOOD..? Theory of reletivity......? HOO! HA! HAA! HAA! HAAA! HAAHAHAA!
Now it's yourjini's diner time. SO YOURJINI says you BYE!
Keep watching for my next meditaion artical! UNDERSATNDING MEDITATION Part2
Feel Free to ask anytihng from YOURJINI always.
Yourjini welcomes your Comments or Suggesions about this artical.
Please forgive me for spelling or grammer mistakes. Because of my first ever artical.
And Yes! Must inform Yourjini , about your views of this artical as comments. Yourjini needs them so much. THANKS FOR READING!!! Smile

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