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My day has been ... terrible.

I can't explain how bad the last 24 hours has been, so I'll just type away instead.

Yesterday night Mel (and her mother) came up to hospital. I refused for everyone else to come up except her. My IV's were late beause pharmacy hadn't sent them up, they started at about 6 instead of 4. I went to meet them downstairs and bring them back up, whilst on my IV pump (i usually walk around if i have nothing better to do so this is no biggy).

I sat with mel and her mother in the corridor for a little while. Her mother asked me like one thousand and one questions.

What was the IV.
Why am I having them.
How long have I been in.
How long do I have left
What is wrong with me.
How sick am I, etc, etc.
She asked in a way which made me unimpressed with her, I usually don't have a problem with people asking me stuff about it all.
I was walking down to my room with Mel when i felt something dripping down my fingers. I looked down and saw the antibiotics that was supposed to be pumped into my veins leaking, mixed with blood. To cut a long story short the vein has collapsed so I had to remove it and have another one put in ...
The new one went today. I rushed around to get to college, missing people I needed to see like my doctors and physiotherapists, etc, etc. By the time I got there though I missed my lesson. I did a few things that needed doing at college, and also -amazingly- styled my hair in the bathroom (big, backcombed hair that was sprayed with glitter). I caught up with Leah, a friend of mine at college I haven't saw in months. I did my saline solution and heprin flush at the needed time. My vein still decided to collapse though, the blood was immense. Again, I had to take it out. I wouldn't of minded that much but it happened in the college cafe at dinner time. Hospital told me to go straight back up there to have another one inserted, so I did. They tried to insert another one 6 times but it wouldn't go in, my veins are royally ******...

And I'm just so fed up so I'm discharging myself tomorrow. It could possibly be the most stupid thing I've ever done, but I'm cool? like that. I can't have IV's in hospital nor out because all of my veins have gone. The only difference is that the staff are experienced at resusitation, and I hope it doesn't have to be a factor once I go home lol.

On a kinda seperate note, last night I actually got some decent sleep. I'd say possibly about 5 hours. YAY for sleeping tablets. I've just read my notes and found I'm having a short course at home of them. And I'm less stressed about Tom seen as he is all spunky. Oh. And they're also sorting out my complexion, which has gone from great to bad in the last three months.

Also. I've moving over to adults section early next year. Its good, but mostly a bad thing to be honest.

I've gone on enough, see ya

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