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Hospital, Hospital Hospital

Ok. So, i'm -really- unimpressed but am in a fabulous mood.

They brought Tom (my boyfriend) out his coma earlier today. They predicted he'd be under for about 4 weeks, then they said two, then they said one. In the end they decided to bring him out because the medication couldn't have had a more positive affect on him, at the moment he's better than me lol. His levels are 5.6, sats 89%

My day has been ... different.
Had a few hours sleep last night which is the first in ages.
I finally had my flu jab today. A trainee doctor gave it me, she needed to pass her practical assignment for innoculations/immunisations.
I also agreed to speak to another trainee doctor, for which i got paid 15 (which was quite a surprise). Just a routine examination so she could pass her exam.
LOL at me coughing up a sputum sample for the first time in front of one of my doctors, I was well impressed.

The unimpressed starts here though lol...

Mel, a good friend, came up to see me. I thought we had arranged for her to come up earlier, she disagreed. I could of been too medicated, or she lied possibly?
Her mother came up with her. She brought christmas cards so she could write them out lol, so me and mel could speak privately. Now, my line has been expected to go for a while now, and it just so happens it happened then. I was walking down the corridor when I felt somethin dripping down my arm. I looked down and noticed blood and the antibotics leaking pretty quickly. I was like 'oh shit'. Informed a nurse who took her time about contacting the appropiate people so I just took it out myself. I had my new line inserted about an hour ago, whilst talking to friends on MSN lol, cuz i'm blates hardcore like that.
i also spoke to my shrink.
And i've been put on tonnes of new meds.

But oh well.
i'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day than today

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When i first saw the blog title it reminded me of a Lemonheads song called Hospital which i hadn't heard for years,anyway seems like your in good spirits despite everything,they do say laughter is the best medicine,but if im in pain i prefer paracetamol.
truespeed on Fri Nov 30, 2007 3:14 pm

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