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Goodbye Frihost

Well, after nearly 8 years I'm saying goodbye to Frihost and most other digital media places to concentrate on the face to face world.

I've enjoyed some of the interesting discussions here but the digital environment is one I am drawing away from generally because it is not as real as face to face. Blokes hiding behind keyboards and screens using aggressive language is not really my cup of tea anymore, especially when it is pretty obvious they would not be as uncivil if we were in the same room.
It is not a problem particular to Frihost, but it is certainly an internet trend which does not interest me anymore, and having found a local Uni philosophy group which meets for open public debate I look forward to discussion without "You haven't got a ****** clue" or "you don't know what you are ****** talking about" type lines, just civil debate without the unnecessary profanity.

I'm going back to the real world where aggressive words are avoided because they are the precursor to violence. It is a pity that Frihost and other digital/social places appear to condone such attitudes...guess some people have never had an actual proper kicking in their life so the anonymous keyboard is an outlet to assert their alpha male behaviour...tragic.

Good luck with the future Frihost, I'd temper the open and needless aggression of some members if this was my website though.
I use profanity when working on construction sites or with close friends, but in public debate I do not, as others do not. It is a pity that the internet appears to have created an avenue for aggressive language which would not usually be employed in a face to face public debate.

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I don't agree with those aggressive words either Watersoul. And "yes" I'm sure you wouldn't have to look very far to find a philosophy forum without that type of discussion. Thing is you'll find yourself missing Frihost, it's not that easy to just leave the place. You may just discover how all of your posts have "bonded" you to the place (pardon the pun Very Happy). So hope you will still come back to make the odd post when Frihost tugs at you. For as long as Frihost is still around.
deanhills on Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:14 pm
TheGremlyn on Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:14 pm
Saying good by to digital media is a consequent and brave step and we all know: "never, never, never say never again", thus it is always possible to come back.
I am semi-active here on Frihost since a couple of years now and must say I haven't spot rude or aggressive language a lot, just here and there occasionally. But I have seen a lot of great and constructive discussion threads.
It is certainly one disadvantage to run into people like those using that way to communicate - like every medal has two sides. There are a lot of pro's on the other side, like meeting and talking to people you never would have met in real life, from everywhere on the world. Like bumping into topics someone came up with you never would have thought about.
If the badies outweigh the goodies then - as I said - it is consequent to draw a clear line and leave.
amagard on Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:32 pm
I agree that a lot language on the internet would not happen face to face but I enjoy speaking with people from other parts of this tiny planet. It is a cultural learning experience.

Take care my friend. Don't delete your account here. Just take some real world time.
standready on Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:20 pm
It's a pity to lost you in frihost.
Your topics are very interesting.

Hope you have a better life, and welcome backe at any time.
rx9876 on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:44 am
I wasn’t going to log in again but just noticed your replies while reading the forums as a guest and felt I should respond. Thanks for the friendly thoughts, I’d love to have stayed, but the ‘accepted’ use of aggressive language on Frihost finally pushed me away. Nearly 8 years I’ve hoped the mod/admin team would apply the same control on aggressive profanity in P&R as they do in say ‘Hobbies and Animals’, but unfortunately that never happened. Swearing does not add to an argument in public debate, it serves only to show emotion, which is unnecessary.

I don’t have a problem with ever being shown to be wrong through reasoned argument, and I’ve always welcomed “You are wrong because...” style statements. But, “You are ****** wrong because...” style statements are a turn-off and a pity that Frihost appears to condone such debate in P&R.
I do not run away from the debate here, just the aggressive style used by some which appears accepted by mods. It always detracts from the message as far as I’m concerned, even when other people are the target.

In face to face communication it is unlikely that the aggressive style used by some posters would be so vociferously employed as on Frihost. It is a pity that Frihost appears to endorse such standards which are clearly lower than one would expect in face to face public debate. For that apparent endorsement of aggressive language I have decided to cease my contributions here. I expect the same standards of civility in online debate as I do in the ‘real’ world, perhaps that is strange but it is at the very least honest.

I avoid facebook and youtube for their “****** this” and “****** that” replies. I now avoid Frihost for the same apparent acceptance of such profanity in the P&R forum. If aggressive swearing is openly tempered here as would be expected in a face to face public discussion I would return in a flash. There is no need for extra emotional and aggressive words to declare a philosophical position. It is a pity that Frihost appears to feel such style is acceptable and/or adds value to the debate.

If I see it changing for the best here then I’ll happily come back, but after all these years I think the aggression is too ingrained, and at the rate (I imagine) people are scared away from P&R even before signing up it is unlikely that debate will grow much more than the few people who post there now.
I shall remain an interested guest reader though and remain in hope that a more civil style of discourse is enforced in the future – think face to face public debate. Is the statement “you are ****** wrong” really acceptable on Frihost when it would not be in an academic setting? If so, why?

Now, ADMIN PLEASE DELETE, just remembered the admins are not around too much these days so in case the conversation building up to this was missed I'll change it to ADMIN PLEASE DELETE ACCOUNT IF YOU FEEL PROFANITY IS ACCEPTABLE ON THE FORUMS
watersoul on Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:51 am
I think this would have been a good topic for debate in P&R,I am not sure how you would have titled or approached it,but,I think as a topic it would of worked.
truespeed on Tue Feb 25, 2014 2:20 am
Damn sad to see you go man, I rarely see what you described
Josso on Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:32 am
I concur and don't blame you for a second. I fortunately have not seen a lot of aggression here, particularly compared to other forums. Hopefully those that forced you to this point were punished. We are all sad to see you go brother.
coolclay on Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:10 pm
Wow! this is very interesting topic.

Yes, i agree with you that cyber world and people behind it are using aggressive word in blogs and comments. This is just to show that cyber world is freedom and all different kinds of people can express there emotions in cyber world.

Well even if you are in face to face or real world you are working or living still you will encounter people bluffing and saying aggressive words.

For me, cyber-world is just part of social life. my point here is you just manage your life either real or you are in cyberzone. You mention you are here in frihost for more than 8 years for sure you know the trends in cyber world and real world.

Sad to know you are leaving frihost. I guess frihost is part of your success and made you a better decision maker. Good luck to you and enjoy life where ever you might be.

God bless you more!
zimmer on Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:28 am
I respect your decision.
Good Luck and Goodbye.
cabenqc on Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:00 am
Up to now I got no web hosting open,
I'm also think about to follow you.
cabenqc on Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:10 pm

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