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Lovely moment/rite of passage

I had a lovely moment in the last week, back visiting family, popping into my bro's local pub for a pint, with him, my other older bro, and my (then) 15 yr old son.
We reached the bar, and I was buying the round of ales, so after my brother introduced me and my son to the pub landlord as bro/nephew 'from out of town' I confidently ordered 4 pints which were served without question.
The four of us stood at the bar and enjoyed the chat equally as blood males of our family and I totally loved it. I only wished my own dad had lived long enough to share it.
My lad is 6' 1" (185cm) so although the legal drinking age is 18 here in the UK he is taller than my older brothers (as I am) and everyone assumed he was 18. Regardless of what the law says, he was a man in my eyes and those around, as we shared good conversation over a pint that day Smile

He's turned 16 in these last few days and the law in the UK now allows him to drink alcohol with a meal if an 18+ yr old buys it - For symbolic reasons we of couse took advantage of this legal right on his birthday meal out.

Alcohol, like any other recreational drug, should be enjoyed responsibly and in moderation, that is obvious to us all, but I really did like that 'naughty' pint with my lad.

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What a cute story! I remember the very first time I got wasted and I was 13. Rolling Eyes I was with my dad in a place full of men and after that I overheard my dad complaining to my mom that I was drink "around another men". Hahahaha I was with him! Luckily he didn't saw me wasted. I think you did a good thing for your son, I wish my dad could do something like that for me! I need to say: enjoy these moments, you'll never know the day of tomorrow. Very Happy
Vanilla on Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:51 am
Totally agreed Watersoul. What's the point of alcohol if it can't be fun either. Also, it's a great education. The kind they don't teach you at school.
deanhills on Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:26 pm
I can almost see it, like a good picture. You lot standing at the bar (as seen from behind you). You're all shoulder to shoulder and looking from side to side as you converse and laugh, pints in hand. Sounds like a good night out with family Smile
TheGremlyn on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:30 pm
@Vanilla, That was a pretty cool story of your own Smile and you're so right, we never know tomorrow so I treasure all my time with my lad, as I do with memories of moments with my dad.

@Dean, Responsible fun is always the target in my mind, and although I cannot say I always pull it off, it is always the target Wink

@Gremlyn, That was exactly the scene, we stood the whole time and it was lovely seeing my lad accepted as a young man with me and my bro's Smile
It was extra special going back home this year though because my entire extended family didn't have one row or argument at all. I saw your Plague blog post and totally understand because my family has similar politics. I only really went to Wales for the whole week with my lad because his mam was experiencing her first Christmas since her dad died and she wanted to concentrate on being with her mam not feeling like she had to pretend to be happy for our son.
I thanked her for letting me take him away for a week. She thanked me for providing a solution for her to face a new reality for the first time without having to worry about pretending to be happy for our son.
She's my long time ex-wife, but my absolute best friend and perfect partner in crime as a parent, we work amazingly well at that...and I love that our son has never had to take sides, I would fight to the death for his mother.

...she is the beautiful woman who got the Dior perfume in my victim of advertising thread, my best friend Smile
watersoul on Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:03 pm
Great story, watersoul. Jealous! My dad has never done anything with his lads. His loss not an effort be a parent.
standready on Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:23 pm
I craved attention as a child Standready, it is probably why I work so hard to be a part of my lad's life now.
I never want to wake up 'old' one day and think 'Wish I did more as dad' - I guess the next generations do sometimes learn from their own shortcomings! Smile
watersoul on Wed Jan 01, 2014 12:35 am

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