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A most excellent learning/teaching day:)

Lovely day today, helping my son learn to ride his manual clutch/gearbox motorbike for the first time Smile
A few stalled starts at first but then an epiphany when he got the feel of the clutch and could pull off and stop no problem.
Slow 1st gear start and stop circuits initially, then changing up and down gears a little faster as he became more used to his machine.
I absolutely loved the few hours teaching/watching him learn to ride for his first time today, it is a memory I will forever hold with a smile Smile

Another session tomorrow, but I'm taking some sandwiches and a flask of coffee because the land we're using is on high ground, inland at the edge of town, cold and windswept.
We have to go there because until my lad turns 16 in a few weeks and passes a 'riding around cones' type one day test he can't ride on 'legal' roads.

Oh, I'll also have a full tank of petrol for tomorrow as well, ran out just as we finished today when I was starting to ride it home. I free-wheeled downhill for maybe 3 quarters of a mile, but then it was a mile and a half push on flat-ish or uphill roads to the nearest petrol station, that definitely warmed me up haha!

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That is so fantastic, watersoul. World needs more parents like you.
standready on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:16 am
Ah thanks Standready, I've only my one son and I've loved every different stage of him growing up from a baby.
I know I don't want any more children though so I'm just absolutely loving throwing myself into my job as dad as he begins to turn into a man Smile

...also getting my own bike in Jan/Feb, really looking forward to riding adventures together, and camping out when it gets warmer again
watersoul on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:37 am

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