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Reclaim + Recycle = 's :)

I was doing some work at an apartment a few weeks ago when the owner wanted to swap the newly refurbished bathroom and kitchen around, because the initial home layout was deterring potential buyers. It was a good but expensive switch to be honest and I prefer it myself, but the best bit for me was some free ceramic wall tiles.

The owner opted to buy new instead of reclaiming the 'old' ones placed a couple of months ago, so I offered to remove them together with the associated adhesive/grout/plaster rubble free of charge.
After being as gentle as possible for about an hour, I retrieved 80 full tiles measuring 500mm X 200mm and lots of other half/qtr cuts, plus mess.
I then spent 4 happy hours scraping and cleaning the adhesive/grout off all the tiles so they could be laid again as new.

Now, here's the 's thing, these tiles cost 35 for a pack of 10 and I would have needed 9 packs for the job I did over the weekend transforming my bath/shower room = 315
I effectively had a free transformation in the value of the tiles:

Here goes:
315 worth of tiles

I used 30 worth of new adhesive/grout to lay them in my bathroom, so that is a profit of 285.

My total working time of removing the tiles from the apartment (1hr), cleaning them (4hrs), removing my old tiles/prepping/disposal (2 hrs), tiling (5hrs) & grouting (2hrs) transforming my bathroom = 14 hours work.

Divide the 285 profit into 14 = 20.35 per hour for my time...I'm happy with that Smile

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Congratulations watersoul. Good bargain. We need pictures of your handy dandy work! I am always amazed at how wasteful people are.
Here, if I am doing any remodeling, I contact Habitat for Humanity. Sometimes they will even have people come out and assist with removal. Habitat will use in one of their projects or resell.
standready on Wed Oct 16, 2013 11:08 pm

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