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What if gay was straight and straight was gay?

I watched this movie just now and found it deeply moving. It's about bullying but with an unusual slant to the story.
If you can't spare the full 20 minutes to the end then ignore this post, but if you can I would definitely recommend watching it, I'm not too rough to admit it totally sucked me in and I shed a tear.

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Failed to understand why no one has commented yet... possibly those you've watched the clip finished either don't know what to say, or just don't care to say it...
Either way, it is moving, but it's as propaganda-esque as anything else from and for any serious issue...
And lets try and cut through the emotional blackmail - the issue is BULLYING nothing more. And here's a surprise... IT WON'T STOP! Whether you're gay, black, jewish, short, fat, tall, white, whether smart, or stupid, handicapped, etc etc...
What you see here has ACTUALLY NOTHING to do with orientation - it has EVERYTHING to do with pure and simple IGNORANCE! And where do we learn ignorance? From the people who have gone before whether parents or teachers or elders in the church, regardless. If we don't learn if not acceptance, then at least tolerance, irrespective of how rich, influential, clever, gifted, we become as a global community, we and everyone who is to come WILL FALL!

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God bless! Smile
nixink on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:34 pm
Thanks for the interesting reply.
Bullying is less about ignorance in my mind and more about dehumanising others to the point one feels comfortable enough to cause pain or distress without guilt.
Not sure which emotional blackmail you refer to but if you mean the narrative of the film which represents suffering many people feel in the world at the hands of others then I call it education.

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watersoul on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:49 pm

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