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Afternoon golf at the seafront Abbey Course

Lol, well maybe the heading makes it sound posher than it really was Wink but I enjoyed a nice day off work with my son today and we shot a few golf balls in the sunshine.
Here are a couple of cheap camera pics of the less impressive sounding 9 hole Pitch and Putt Public Golf course by the beach here. It's only five minutes walk from home and if it's not busy you can just keep repeating the course for as long as you want. I really like going there because it's a relaxed bit of competitive fun, but with the added bonus of quality one-to-one conversation in a lovely environment.

Bit of history- The building to the left of the pic was originally a barn built 800+ years ago by the monks of Torre Abbey, and in July 1598 it became a temporary prison for 400 sailors captured during the unsuccessful Spanish Armada. These days it's run by the council as a pretty cool arts gallery which shows a few famous pieces every now and then, including Damien Hirst's controversial Mother and Child, Divided work, last year.

Below is the view looking back towards the sea, with the touristy (is that a word?) balloon ride in the background. I stll haven't gone up on it yet because, so far, I've been too tight-fisted to pay the 15 for fifteen minutes, lol
It reaches 400ft (122m) above sea level so I would like to have a look and take some pics of my house, which is 210ft (64m) up the hill/cliff next to it.
It can be quite annoying toward the end of the day if you're on the beach though, the pesky thing blocks out the sun casting huge shadows as it sways around.
Last summer some folk even wrote quite offensive remarks to it, in huge letters on the sand. That was quite funny and raised a few smiles.

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That is far lovelier than the public golf courses around here. Thanks for the history of those beautiful buildings as well.
standready on Tue Jul 26, 2011 10:14 pm
Cheers Standready, I guess it was just a lucky choice moving here 20 years ago.
People moan about tourists and the 20-30,000 foreign language students here at any given time in the summer, but if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have these and many other facilities.

I'm walking past the abbey in a little while as my lad has rugby training nearby, I'll try to get some better or interesting shots of the're right, they are beautiful, and it always blows me away when I think how old they are.

Here's a pic of the much younger Gate house, built in 1380 to provide better defences for the abbey, it's a mere baby at only 631 years old compared with the 800+ year old barn/Spanish Armada prison/modern arts centre to the left. It turns out, after a little investigation, that this is now the only surviving Armada prison in the UK.

watersoul on Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:36 pm
Very cool "baby", watersoul. Thanks again for the pictures.
standready on Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:47 am

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