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4 days jail for stealing 4 pork pies! Lol

With all the tragic news on the international scene at the moment it was quite nice to chuckle at a silly local crime story in the paper today.
Thief ended up spending a day in jail for each stolen pork pie

A man who stole four pork pies from Asda-Walmart worth 1.42 spent four days in the cells for his illegal late night snack.


In mitigation Jeff Segan said his client had been drinking and thought he had money to pay for the traditional pork snack.
He went to the self service part of the store, but realised he didn't have the money and started to eat the pork pies.
The police came to the store and arrested him.
"That was late on Friday evening and he has been in custody ever since," added Mr Segan.
Chairman of the bench, Martyn Barklett-Judge said Deane had pleaded guilty to the small value theft.

"We have heard you have been in custody on remand for four days since last Friday," he added.
Mr Barklett-Judge said he would deal with the offence by time served and made no order for costs or compensation.

Four days in custody for stealing a few pies worth 1.42, it would have cost far more than that just giving him his 3 meals a day while he was in his cell.
Funny story though, one stupid drunken mistake and now he's the laughing stock of his town with a criminal record! Laughing

*Edit* Thinking more about this it was a silly decision by the police to go for prosecution. The costs of this case for the tax-payer far outweigh the value of the theft. A far more sensible option would have been to offer him a formal caution on the understanding that he paid for the goods the next day when he was sober. He could have been locked up for the night, released in the morning, then cautioned in the afternoon - If they released him early enough they wouldn't even have had to give him breakfast, and it would have cost the state nothing. I guess the sleepy local coppers here thought it was a major crime which needed an example to be made to deter others! Rolling Eyes

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Was silly to put him in jail and provide him with food for four days. His punishment should have been sweeping the floors at that store for four days.
standready on Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:59 pm
That's a good idea, and UK police do actually have the option of a Conditional Caution to deal with lower level crime in a sensible way. I'm guessing that the Asda/Walmart didn't agree though, and without the 'victims' consent it usually has to go to court.
watersoul on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:44 pm

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