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Super Moon this weekend :)

I was just about to click 'submit' and reply to wellerchaps "Super Moon" coming - next week topic, then I realised it was in the Science forum and my reply wasn't at all science based so to avoid a reprimand from a Mod I decided to post it here instead.

After reading all the doom and gloom which is supposedly associated with this 'super moon' weekend, we (my friends and neighbours) have decided to have a full-moon outdoor party on Saturday night. Bonfire, fireworks, BBQ, top tunes from DJ mates, and much silliness is expected, but there are now calls for a beach party instead so we might drag the generator out and make it the first one of 2011.

It's actually a joint party to celebrate the equinox as well (20th March) because from Monday we've finally got more daytime than night - Summer is coming back at last! Smile

...don't worry about the moon, just look forward to warmer days! - Northern Hemisphere only of course Laughing

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The full moon party is now definitely happening tomorrow night at a hidden beach/cove a few minutes walk from my house.
You can only get down to the shoreline after ignoring the 'Do not climb the cliff-face' sign and following a slightly dangerous route down to sea level. It's a pretty popular place and well known by locals, but parties there don't usually get broken up by the police because it's a Saturday night and they are far too busy dealing with all the drunken violence at the bars and clubs at the harbourside.
Another big reason they ignore it is because of the excessive 'health and safety' rules these days, the police haven't actually got the resources or inclination to call a team with rock-climbing equipment just to stop a party.

Totally looking forward to a fun night with a fire, top tunes and lovely company, but it would be really nice to have a magician who could float the generator, decks and speakers back up the cliff on Sunday morning! Perhaps I'll have a look for the magic wand shop in town tomorrow Laughing
watersoul on Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:12 pm
I hope your party went well. Well those darn clouds blocked my view of the super moon. Will try again in 2016.
standready on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:34 pm
Excellent night thanks Standready, unfortunately was light cloud for us as well, but it did create a creepy 'Scooby Doo style' halo around the moon for additional effect!
Huge fire burnt through until dawn and the temp's didn't drop too much either so a definite success for the start of party season (Summer) Smile

...getting everything (decks, generator etc) back up the cliff on Sunday morning wasn't much fun, including the 3 large bin bags of empty beer cans and wine bottles, but it was well worth the effort, as always!
watersoul on Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:54 pm

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