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Shallowness and superficiality

Absolutely loving the 'General Chat' type forums at the moment. They're a much safer, easy-street option compared to some other places on the net which involve dealing with sometimes aggressive pomposity and belligerent arguments.

I totally respect some of the clearly studied knowledge I see from others in online forum discussions, it's just the downright rude, insulting and superior tone of some folk I can't be bothered dealing with sometimes. In fact I often wonder if the same 'angry folk' would exhibit the same attitude/behaviour if we were chatting to each other at a party or some other 'real' life situation instead.
I personally doubt it, and would bet all my money on that being the case if I had to! It's a similar phenomenon to the cowardly yet angry car driver who waves his fist at another driver if they make a mistake while driving...I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be so openly aggressive if they were face to face as a pedestrian devoid of the safety of their steel & glass mobile box! Lol

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I hear you, watersoul. I never post anything that I would not say to person face to face.
standready on Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:21 pm
Same here, in fact I'm probably more polite when I type online as I have more time to consider my responses.
This is my humble guess about the many internet 'keyboard aggressors' though:

A, They are only ever insulting online, because the 'real' world poses too many hazards whilst presenting oneself as a rude narcissistic prick

B, They are insulting offline as well, but as a result have no friends

C, They are insulting offline but only ever mix with equally rude people so no-one actually notices

D, They are insulting offline and enjoy getting regularly punched out in some masochistic style fantasy

watersoul on Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:44 pm
Actually I think you have it wrong. I can guess that the 'rude' people referred to might include some in the philosophy forum. You are probably right to say that many of us (and I do include myself) would not communicate in the same way face to face in most cases. The philosophy forum is somewhere were it is not only OK to be cutting and critical, it is absolutely correct to be so. The normal niceties are often assumed because the objective is not to be a social centre but to challenge and test assumptions rigorously. The level of 'rudeness' is actually minor - there is little to compare with the sort of flame-wars you can easily find in many forums. Posters don't personally abuse for the sake of it and try to avoid doing so at all - but 'going for' someone's posting/ideas is fair game and that can sometimes seem to be a bit harsh - especially to posters who are used to a more 'social' 'chatty' forum.

It is like the difference between reading a nice easy book or magazine and reading a philosophy text - the latter is difficult, demanding and will, if one enters debate about the book, lead to conflict of ideas and criticism. It is, however, rewarding and almost guaranteed to burn away the chaff and irrelevance, leaving ideas to stand or fall on their own merit....
Bikerman on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:05 pm
I get what you're saying BM, but I made a point of directing my comments more generally towards the internet as opposed to any particular forum on Frihost.

Regarding Phil & Religion though, you are absolutely right that if a comment is incorrect/ridiculous/whatever, then yes it is fair game and completely open to being ripped apart. I certainly would expect that every time of course, and have experienced it (sometimes quite justifiably) myself.
The only situation where it becomes tiresome is when childish insults are exchanged in tandem with what would otherwise be an educated response.

..and going back to my original point, it is nice sometimes to avoid any internet places where aggressive and unfriendly posters command the particular domain.
Yes, the shallowness and superficiality found in General Chat is an oasis of absolute calm and respite from text based attack - or insults which I certainly would not expect in a face to face situation, from people who I suspect are only rude while safe behind the barrier of an internet connection.
watersoul on Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:37 pm

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