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Philosophy & Applied Ethics

The subject is actually the name of my sons modernised version of what I knew as 'religious education' when at secondary school.
He came home tonight with a commendation for 'an outstanding piece of work' during Phil&AE which I am yet to see as it hasn't been passed back to him yet.

Anyway, we've chatted for the last hour about this and it turns out that they were all set the task of producing a 'Hitch-hikers Guide" for an alien, about how humans view the world scientifically and religiously regarding 'how we got here'. The final statement was also to include writing their own views about it. He told me he wrote 10 pages and looked at many different slants on the subject by the many people in the world. This included scientific and religious reference sources, plus his own interpretation of the various arguments.

Absolutely enthralling conversation, listening to his own deeply considered view point. He mentioned scientists who resolve the big bang/God issue in their minds with views that a God could have secretly sorted it (7 days creation was more lyrical for the times), others who cannot accept the god idea due to lack of evidence etc, and also the certain folk who believe the world is only a few thousand years old.
His own statement focussed on an open mind which will be satisfied with either scientific or supernatural/celestial evidence, whichever comes first.
I won't actually know what he wrote until his work is returned, but I'm looking forward to reading it Smile

Regarding the 'target audience' of the booklet (aliens), I asked him which he thought more likely seeing in his lifetime? His answer came instantly "aliens for sure!", we both laughed at that and drifted into talk of the billions of stars and possible 'other worlds'

...I might type some of his booklet here when it's returned to him. It will certainly be interesting to see what his young mind interprets from a mixture of my own 'shared knowledge' and the teaching he receives from teachers who I only see at parents night each term/trimester.

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Since I am an alien, I would enjoy reading his guide. You should be very proud of your son.
standready on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:43 am
Cheers fella, I am of course Smile

He'll find his own path with his own questioning mind and my job is simply to be honest in all my answers to his questions, albeit edited slightly sometimes!

I shall provide a transcript of the alien guide here then if it could be useful to you Laughing
...should get it back next week!
watersoul on Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:58 am

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