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Hours cut but no job losses

Finally confirmed today, everyone agreed to a cut in hours to save everyones jobs. I'm now working 25 hours per week over 4 days, starting tomorrow. We all took a pro-rata cut so it's been pretty fair and means no-one is searching for work after Christmas.

If I'm totally honest, well yes there are a couple of people on the team who probably deserved being made redundant, but I'd rather work a few less hours than think of someone put out of work at this time of year because I wouldn't budge in negotiation. My bosses know I'm the hardest worker with most results, so I knew I could have struck a better deal for myself - but if that had meant someone getting sacked I would have felt uncomfortable so I stressed the importance of others upping their game if they're given the reduced hours option. Basically, I didn't want to continue working at my current output and offering reduced hours if the folk who's jobs have been saved think they can carry on 'coasting along'.

It seems to have worked, so although my December pay-cheque will be smaller than I expected, at least no-one is looking to the prospect of an unemployment cheque - including the people on my team who I don't actually like! Laughing

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Good for you, watersoul. I once had a company decide to cut a person from my department just before Christmas. Rest of offered to take cutbacks just to keep the person employed through the holidays. I even offered to go so he could stay. Company refused! So the department went into a slow mode but that did not matter to the company big boss just jumped our boss. When asked we replied "if Tim was here to help we could get things done quicker".
standready on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:14 am
Cheers standready, it's nice to see the human side of a workplace when everyone is willing to take a cut to save the jobs of one or two people. If it had been in Spring or Summer I might not have been so flexible, as there is more work around then and to be frank some of the team have been bone idle in my opinion.
Losing your job and getting your last pay in the week before Christmas though? That's just horrible and there aren't many people I'd wish that upon! Shocked
watersoul on Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:56 pm

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