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Intimidating guy who wears sunglasses indoors

Funny story today at work, well, funny to me and the rest of us who were there anyway.
There's a guy who I shall call an "experienced service user", the type who aren't really in the depths of heartbreak and tragic circumstances, yet present themselves as such to cream off (and abuse) any charitable or government funded aid available.
Anyway, without going into details, this annoying chap had been involved with us under a scheme which required him to conform with certain conditions etc and make certain reasonable efforts to get himself out of the "desperate & urgent need" he claimed to be in - nothing difficult, but going on holiday by a beach for a few weeks wasn't part of it, so the funding authority has "pulled the plug" on his case.

He's been in for the last few days, all moody, and trying to intimidate me or the girls in the front office. He wears dark wrap-around sunglasses indoors, and that really annoys me as I can't see his eyes - in fact, I think it's highly rude & disrespectful when someone is asking/demanding my help. For the record, he has no eye condition requiring the shades.

Well, last night, I packed a pair of my own shades in my case, and when as expected, he came in giving all his aggressive talk to me, I said gently "can you bear with me for a moment, I just need to get something", then leaned over and put my own shades on, with a further statement "Ah, thats better, I can see you now, you're right, the office lights are incredibly bright, aren't they".
At this point, there was a shared non-eye-contact-stare, and he called me "a ****ing *****" then walked out of the door. Hopefully never to come back again.

We did pass each other in the street briefly after I left work this evening, and he did start to say something but I advised him quickly that if I was a plumber I wouldn't fix his leaking taps for free so basically get out of my face - it worked.

Ooh I love my job, I think! Smile

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