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Compulsory meeting at head office tomorrow..Ooh!

Email received today which landed in everyone's inbox, talking about budgets, funding streams, changes etc etc. Basically, everyone has to attend a meeting at the head office of our organisation tomorrow.
For me its a 100 mile round trip, for others much more, all covered by expenses, even including short-notice child care costs for employees who need it.

A few people reacted with a gulp, and worry that maybe we're gonna be out of work or face drastic changes in terms of employment. I can't blame them, some are pretty much maxed-out with loans that depend on the income they've expected to last for a while.
I haven't put myself in the same position though, never have. Shiny things that I have to borrow to fund have never been my motivation in life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in some smug position looking happily at my own position, but I am glad that the car I drive is paid for (albeit less shiny than my peer group), and the old wide screen TV I do have has a physical depth nearly as long as my car, but again paid for in full.

I'm not worried about whatever tomorrow's news ends up as, I haven't ever been blinded by shallow consumerism, and by default have never stretched myself to borrow money for my possessions - apart from my home, and even then, only after years of saving and with strict consideration that I can continue to afford the roof over my head even on minimum wage if I had to.

I hope it won't be a post here tomorrow that a months notice has been given to all, but at the same time I'm not too worried as I'm not, and never have been, a slave to what society and the media tells me I should own. If the worst happens, I will feel some sympathy for my colleagues who chose a different option, but its been a long time since an individual could consider any job as safe - and with that in mind, if you're willing to gamble then you have to be willing to take a loss every now and then.

Will post the story tomorrow, can't wait...or can I?!

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Yep, some funding streams have been cut so unless alternatives are found then it looks like compulsory redundancies are gonna happen.
The board is meeting in mid November to discuss the options and if a "rabbit isn't pulled out of a hat" by then it could look like 2 months notice for up to a quarter of staff.

As I said in my OP, I'm not too worried, no job is truly safe these days anyway, and if I have to do something minimum wage for a short while before finding something comparable to now, so be it - I'll still be able to cover my bills, just maybe not buy as many "shiny things" or have as much spare for leisure stuff in my life. Going through figures though, I'm also pretty much in the top ten of my colleagues so I can see quite a few others being pushed before me, with any luck. Sounds harsh, maybe, but it is a dog eat dog world in employment these days, and if you haven't worked hard and shown yourself to be worth keeping, then tough luck really.

Hmm, maybe I'll update the CV tonight and email it to a few employment agencies...just in case Wink
watersoul on Wed Oct 13, 2010 6:27 pm
Found out (unofficially) today, that my job is safe and I'm not going to be sacked/made redundant when the budget axe makes its cuts next month.
Obviously I'm quite happy about that but I'm not crying too much for the people who are going out the door. I work 7 hours less per week than anyone else in the same role, but I see around 25-30 clients in that time, while the others see around 15-20.

I actually chose to drop my hours a few months ago because I wanted a more family friendly work/life balance, but the only way I could convince my employer to allow this was by "sweetening the deal" with more work done in less time. Turns out this was a good move because I'm essentially the best value for money of anyone in the organisation now. Of course, I'm probably hated by a few colleagues, but hey, they've had it easy for far too long, and i don't really care, because the "hard" work I do is still pretty easy compared to the demanding manual jobs I've experienced in the past.
Perhaps if my work peer group had tried a few shitty jobs in their lives they'd have appreciated that we're probably overpaid in comparison to what we actually have to do each day.
Dog eat dog in these financial times, and lessons learned for a few that chilling out too much doesn't help keep yourself in employment.
watersoul on Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:06 pm

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