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Change of tack-War on Terror spawnd more terrorism

Clearly terror is running scared after repeated threats from Western nations.
I got some suggestions, off the top of my head (and these do require collaboration of a number of Western nations);
Stop detaining prisoners in Guantanamo or give them a fair trial.
Stop meddling with the political structure of foriegn countries (hah, not likely)
Stop indescriminately going to war without negotiation.
Stop murdering alleged terrorists with xbox drones (is it really that difficult to capture someone nowadays?)
Stop making opinions a crime. Emotions are not a crime. Words are not a crime. No one should be arrested for a twitter comment e.g. "I want to castrate David Cameron" or "Thatcher was a turgid bitch"

Seems all we're doing is banging our heads against a wall of ignorance.
I blame the hippies.

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Im speaking not as a voice for western nations but that of a concerned human living on the planet. You have some good thoughts and I agree that all the violence should end and we need to find solutions. Do you think all peoples of this earth could possibly get along in peace?

I am not an expert on political movements nor cultural differences. What I do see is a world in turmoil. Some of the leaders could certainly do better but require co-operation.

I do think that certain leaders are not acting as leaders should expressing threats, which only hurts everyone. Two individuals I can think of is the leader of Northern Korea and Iran. It does not help create peace. Those two people should try to do more with their words but I fear they do not care.
Bluedoll on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:26 am
yes, absolutely <bluedoll>! You are rightuous. We are all human beings. You see that I have already made the mistake of dividing us and I did not even think of it. Quote ''...collabaration of a number of *Western* nations''. I cant believe I did that. I suppose in my frustration I immediately blame my own localised leaders for aggression.
I'm no cultural scholar either, but I think that secularism is the peaceful co existence of differing principles... If that is the case then this, I think, will bring the cohesion of peoples as we realise our humanity. Oh Science how I have simplified this though! Secularism also means division doesn't it? its not important. Gods mess everything up.
Leaders mess it up too; but I think the world is far more unified than it has ever been. Its just that to lead nations these leaders are using archaic principles. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Its always us versus them.
As a hapless folk who has worked behind counters in retail, the worlds current favourite pastime, since I was 13 I have dealt with what must be hundreds of thousands of people of all creeds and cultures, I say we can all get along in peace. Because we are all human beings. We might need a new global language though, cos i cannot understand those Scottish sometimes. ho ho.
Sorry for the diatribe. Just thinking through the keys.
vicar013 on Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:37 am
I sincerely do hope you enjoy your blog here in Frihost as do I.

Who can understand the Scottish except of course the Scottish. What they accomplish after speaking is amazing however, a short moment of silence in parliament. Laughing

I agree leaders are not always beneficial to human needs and when peace should be on the top of the list. As far as secularism is concerned which I understand as a principle that rejects religion has many positive merits. It applies well to those that manipulate for selfish reasons. I believe am not inclined to reject God however as part of religion. This is where separation occurs naturally. Mankind is quite capable of messing things up himself.
Bluedoll on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:24 am

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