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'Merican tv! (shameless promotion of!)

I'm always interested in new streaming entertainment websites, I like sites like Livestream, Veetle, Vimeo for the diverse things you find on them.

Currently I'm testing XBMC software on my most excellent new pc, XBMC is a media center software like Microsofts media center, but with open source support. Which means plugins (generally very reliable) can be found for all the aforementioned stream-sites and many more.

So it is through this cracking piece of media center software that I came across this site for American ex-pats,, which lets you watch loads of US tv streams live.
Good for a number of reasons;
I often sleep during the day and come alive at night so since tv from the USA goes into 'primetime' at about 2-3am here, perfect. It also means one less reason to watch BBC channels which I am attempting to boycott; the license fee we pay in the UK is a complete rip off, the BBC are laying off staff and cutting costs, the channels are full of repeats and just general bad programming (don't get me started). And yet the mandatory TV License fee has remained the same. I think its a con, I think the BBC make plenty of money from their allegiances and affiliates.

Anyways, USTVnow offer PVR facilities(!) to me if I can entice (refer) other people to sign up. Sign up is free and uncomplicated, with just an email confirmation. I don't do facebook so I'll post my referral link here if thats ok; Just to re-affirm, this is simply a referral link so if you want to signup and watch USTVnow website, and you saw it here you can give me credit. I get PVR recording online apparently, although I'm already very happy with just watching US tv. Got it on in the background now.

Thanx for reading unless yr a googlebot.

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