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Are tablet computers suitable for school? (Essay)

I agree that tablet computers are not suitable for school. This is because they do not have adequate hardware, they are also a potential distraction in class and that they are also expensive for students to afford.

One reason why a tablet computer is not suitable for school is that it lacks important hardware such as Microsoft Office and Flash Player. Most tablets only have a basic word editing software such as Polaris Office which only has one font type. Multiple font types are sometimes necessary to organize school work done on the computer. Only very basic Powerpoint Slides without backgrounds can be created with Polaris Office which look unprofessional and schools usually require Powerpoint slides to be decorated well. Flash is still used in most educational websites so students would be unable to access these websites for learning.

Another reason why a tablet computer is not suitable for school is that it is a distraction. Students would be able to secretly play games that can be downloaded through the App or Play Store instead of paying attention in class as these games can divert attention away so the student would be unable to learn properly in class. They can also surf the Internet for unrelated information or go to social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter which are also distractions which also distrupts learning for the same reason as above.

The last reason is that tablet computers are expensive. Tablet computers are more expensive than conventional textbooks and other alternatives such as netbooks which are significantly cheaper than tablets. They would be expensive to repair or replace if it is damaged, destroyed or missing. However, this risk can be minimized if students are careful enough to take good care of the devices although it does not eliminate the risk.

I would like to recommend schools to use netbooks instead of tablet computers as they are not only cheaper so students would be able to buy them more easily. They also have better hardware such as a full fledged word processor and almost any software can be installed on them even though there is a risk of losing, damaging or breaking these netbooks as well and that there is also a possibility of breaking

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This is false.

On the flash side of things, it's really just iPads that don't do Flash, due to issues between Apple and Adobe, the iPad is capable in terms of hardware, but the two companies won't work together for the software. Android and Windows based tablets have Flash APKs.

In terms of text editing, MS Office IS available on the current MS Surface RT, and there are rumours of Office for iOS and Android, though they have not been confirmed by MS. That said, MS Office isn't the only option on the block. Both Android and iOS have ready access to Google Docs, and each have options for a suite of paid editors that offer more formatting possibilities than a basic text editor.
In most cases, an appropriate file type for the school, or professor can be found (if the paper isn't simply going to be printed and handed in); for example, you can almost certainly output in pdf if need be.
Powerpoint creation could be a problem, however. I'm unsure of an equivalent for Android, but I think it's part of the Windows tablet Office suite, and iOS has access to Keynote, which will let you build Keynote presentations; the Mac native equivalent of Powerpoint.
Ankhanu on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:26 pm
Flash APKs are not updated anymore by Adobe for fixes of software problems. This means that these APKs might not work well as they might crash more often or with a lot of lag. It might even cause harm to your device. However, I am willing to install these APKs into my future Android devices despite these risks.
twotrophy on Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:35 am

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