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The Syrian conflict

Man hugs the bicycle of his dead child.

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I believe that war is never right although it cannot be totally eradicated because of the nature of humans where all of us do things that are morally wrong. Can someone tell me more about the Syrian conflict as I am not so sure about it apart that it is a conflict to overthrow the government.
twotrophy on Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:32 pm
As far as I understand it Syria has a Government that looks after small religious groups who predominantly belong to the upper socio-economic class of Syria. Even though they don't agree with Asad (whose family is part of the wealthy educated socio-economic class and who are dominating Government and military positions in Syria), the small religious groups seem to be supporting Asad out of preference to the Sunni Muslims whom the minority groups fear will completely destroy civilization in Syria and take it back to the dark ages.

Here is an article that touches on this subject:

This is a breakdown of religious groups in Syria:

Sunni Muslims 74%
Shia 13% (Alawite, Twelvers and Ismailis) (Assad's family is Alawite - Alawite dominate Government and military positions)
Christian 10%
Druze 3%

Christians (2.5 million), a sizable number of which are found among Syria's population of Palestinian refugees, are divided into several groups. Chalcedonian Antiochian Orthodox make up 35,7% of the Christian population; the Catholics (Melkite, Armenian Catholic, Syriac Catholic, Maronite, Chaldean Catholic and Latin) make up 26,2%; the Armenian Apostolic Church 10,9%, the Syrian Orthodox make up 22,4%; Assyrian Church of the East and several smaller Christian denominations account the remainder. Many Christian monasteries also exist. Many Christian Syrians belong to a high socio-economic class.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Post in Politics Forum
deanhills on Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:19 pm
Thank you Deanhills for your explanation. Such conflicts are very difficult to solve because it involves politics and violence. But don't lose hope that the problem would get better. I don't understand much about politics in the region.
twotrophy on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:42 am

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