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The Secret And Magic

Thousands of times a day, we make choices. Many of
those choices change our whole lives even though they
seem insignificant at that moment. I live my life
consciously making every choice I can as positive as
possible. As easy as this is for me to do, it is equally as
easy for me not to do. By simply choosing the most
positive option, time and time again, I have opened a
countless number of doors of opportunity for myself,
almost as if, by magic
In researching all the magic clubs and societies,
worldwide, I found out the hardest and most prestigious
one to become a member of is The Magic Castle, in
Hollywood, California. The reason it’s so difficult to get
into is because you have to pass a test of magic in front of
a panel of master magicians. The ‘trick’ is, during the
test you may not use any items purchased from a magic
shop. No gimmicks, just pure ‘magic! - ecxerpts for THE CHARM BOOK by GUS SEARCY

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