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so still waiting

So I'm still waiting for my site to be reactivated. I find it Ironic that a day after I come back to regain my points, bondings shuts down my site. well that was a week ago and my site is still gone.

This reminds me of my WoW experience on a free server where I forgot my acount information and the admins of the server still haven't gotten back to me about it. WAY different subject and situation. but still.

So I bought a Motorcycle about a month ago. A 1979 Suzuki GS 850. Been cleanin it since. I was doing really good until I found that Carb number 3 (it has a set of 4) has a fuel adjusting needle tip broken off inside of it. In my foul attempts to ease it out I've only made things worse. So now I have my eye's on a few things on Ebay. I've found 3 that really stuck out. 2 are completely rebuilt and beautiful sets of carbs that will fit my bike, which I know will work. and one is a $20 junky lookin carb that I can salvage to make my bike run. It would be nice to get the 20 dollar one just because I've spent a good $200 fixing up the onces I got only for one of them to fail, so I wouldn't be too far in the ditch with myself with that. But if I get a full spic and span rack of carbs then my glorious cleaning and rebuilding efforts were a complete waste of time and money. I should have pondered this outcome before I started the rebuild. Now I know what to do next time!

The bike still looks nice. I'll do some paint touch up here and there. It needs a few little adjustments here and there, a new seat and some side covers which I will have to paint to match the black bike with silver purple and blue mystic flamed tank.

This bike will be a beauty to behold!

Then just to get my girlfriend to not mind the idea of riding it... I'll definitely want to strengthen my riding skills for a few weeks at LEAST first. obviously.

--sad out of work web master in training.

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