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Inverted, like Queen Dairy

Then was June 1st. Now is June 22nd. But just barely.

Went out on a date tonight. Saw Kung Fu Panda. Was pretty awesome. My date and I got in a fight afterwards with kung fu involved. It was the most intense action scene ever. I totally won.

When I took her home I got to see her kittens! They were cute, I ain't gonna lie. I want one; or two. I have a picture of one on my phone. But my phone has run away to somewhere in my room I dare not lurk.

My cousin is visiting. She's only been in town about 3 days, and she leaving back for Idaho in 5 hours. What a nice long visit. My sister is goin' with 'em too. Why I wasn't invited to go I'm not completely sure. But I can guess some simple reasons. Like-I never asked, My cousin Eric is on his mission so I wont really have anyone to hang with. And I have a job with mostly inflexible hours. I've been able to get one week off this summer for EFY, now I'll have to try for another week to go to boy scout camp. I don't think I'll go on the High adventure this year though. I'm still thinking about it. I am considering going to Idaho instead to visit my grandparents. Oddly enough I have an inspirational desire to talk with them about their lives. I can read history books about the past. None the less it would be more insightful to hear the story with more detail and experience.

I finally got my Sony Music Studio program. Actually I got it about 2 weeks ago, but I entered my email wrong when i purchased it online and I never got my serial number from them to activate my software. So I sent them a fax and they fixed my email. I just didn't know that because I haven't checked my email in about 15 days. Somethings wrong with me I know it... I haven't even done anything on this site in forever!!! I should change a few things. Chris is home and has a pretty flexible job. So we're hangin out more. His family was out of town for the past two nights. So I slept over there and we partied. It was awesome. We tried makin a horror short youtubized movie. It's gonna be rather strange. We haven't changed much beside the fact we're makin money to buy things now. haha.

I'm in a state of contemplation. Should I buy myself a Scooter, Motorcycle, Projector, PC laptop, Mac Laptop, PC computer, or a very nice concert grade sound system? Even a pair of sub woofers would suffice. I'm trying to decide. Mostly I want a Motorcycle, Mac, and/or really big sub woofers. I found a radical deal on 2 awesome sub's, amps, and cable about a month and a half ago. I wish I would have gotten it. I should check to see if I can still find it. It would have definitely been enough to make me very happy.



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