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I'm down a few

You know what would be Really nice? If the news and media would highlight stuff I actually want to hear. Not just the stories they can bend the easiest to sound awful bad and evil. Why can't community news reporters tell you about more events taking place in your community? All they show are massive car accidents, occasional crazy people on the loose that killed themselves, or really stupid stuff that takes over the climax of your TV show like, Oh my goodness! It's raining over here!! And look!!! It's raining some over there!! We don't expect much more than a drizzle, but look at this radar picture I had my 3 year old daughter explain to me! She says there's a chance of a tornado going Right through your neighborhood!! and oh look! Water started dripping out of this rain gutter run off!!

seriously. If they're going interrupt you when you don't give a hoot about whats going on outside your home, but they feel it's necessary to scream nonsense at you, they could at least wait until a commercial, or not drag on the same freaking sentence about a possible tornado that doesn't look like it's going to completely form just cut in for 2 minutes of commercials or less, then let us get on with our least favorite swiffer tv ad.. What happened to calm small scrolls at the bottom of screens? I haven't seen one since an age I can remember.

It would at least be nice if they could tell me even Just online why I had to pull over to the side of the road for 2 fire trucks 3 police cars and one ambulance to pass me. where were they going and what happened? I see fire trucks all the time, where are they going? Was there really a fire? was a hobo just scrambling some sparrow egg's behind super target? Some people like to know every thing that's going on in their country. Even if it's just a 200 word summery, if they could just put it in a spot of their web site that I can see by entering my zip code, that would be rather nice.

There was a fire about 5 years or so ago next to the drivers ed school I went to. Some hobo's got into a giant furniture store one night and started a fire to keep warm. their warmth got out of hand and they scrammed outta there as the flames etched towards the ceiling. the entire street was blocked off as 5 fire trucks from 3 divisions scrambled to put the place out. strip mall businesses where closed in a 3 mile radius towards the down wind side of the furniture store and the roofs rained by a fire hose to keep floating ash from catching them on fire as well. it was a fire fight that lasted good 6 or more hours if I can remember correctly. But this amazing story never made the news. I never knew why the store had closed until my drivers ed teacher told me about it. You wouldn't know the building was burned down inside unless you peeked through the boarded up entrance doors, because the entire wall of the buildings structure is enforced, pebble decorated concrete. that thing could likely stand up to running a 2 ton truck into it.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a part of a news site dedicated to your general area? There's plenty of things in the US of A to report about. And it would pay off in online ad space if you gathered the resources to complete it all. I'm tired of hearing about stupid politics or illegal Mexicans wanting more American rights. Mexicans aren't the only ones immigrating illegally you know. got of Oregon, Washington, and northern California and do your own investigation. there's a good portion of Chinese, Russians and Germans getting inside and starting new lives without the legal right to do so. It's a majority of the illegal ones rooting for the changes of some good old American tradition anyway. If you come to America, speak freaking English.

the end

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You should watch "A Day Without a Mexican". It was made for people like you.
escritor on Wed Apr 23, 2008 1:15 pm

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