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What I wouldn't give to be out of college already

Or at least not such a picky and hard sleeper.

Our car almost got broken into. We're not sure when the attempt happened, but we noticed the damage this afternoon. Of course it could have been anybody. If it were to be someone we've encountered it would be a guy who fixed our car at the GM auto repair shop when our radio was broken. Definitely a suspicious character. Who ever it was, their method's were deficient. They mutilated our door frame and killed the paint. Dent's everywhere. I can honestly say if they had any brains at all they would have used a Coat hanger. I know it works because my dad's locked the key's inside 3 times before, and it's how I got the door's open.

I shouldn't complain though. On one hand we have a damaged car now. On another, we still HAVE the car.

So Being the tech-wanty kid I am, I looked up surveillance camera's again. Wireless camera's simply don't cut it... The first one we bought interfered with our wireless Internet, and was just crappy overall.

The cost for 4 night vision camera's, the cables needed, and a video surveillance recorder totaled to over 1,000 dollars. That's a bit much for me. Yet I have the tendency to search big when it comes to fun electronics's. I tried some simple research for cheap things which suit my desire. The cheapest night vision camera never went lower than $70. Even an acceptable Surveillance DVR with an Included hard drive came to around $400. The cheapest video recording method, which even beats the old VCR recorders, was a specially designed PC capture card on sale for $150.

Either I'm looking in the wrong places, I don't have enough "sources", or this stuff, like far to many other electronic things, are over-priced.

That's just my opinion though. While prices of yesterday's technology goes down. The cost of today's technology becomes ridiculous. Yet once again, that's just my opinion.


search returned reference: I skimmed through it, so don't be amazed if you find something that beats what I discovered.

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