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Get back up there pointies!

I've already gone down 6 points? bugguh. Time must be going by too fast. Where's Superman when you need him?? haha

I vote AT&T needs to invest in a better variety of cellular phones. And I'm talking past the simple tiny flip phones that complain at you if you try to do any more than texting, calling and downloading overpriced ring tones. I'm talking mp3 playing phones, expandable memory phones. Phone you can easily sync with your computer at home, phones that don't need excessive explaining for one to learning how it works. And an inexpensive price. Sure they have a nice little selection of these. but that's the problem. They claim to have what, over 55 million across their cellular network? People today like to be different. They like to stand out. and one simple way to do that is to have a unique phone. It's a little hard be be unique though when 55 million people only get not even 200 phones to choose from.

And what about some of the new technological advances in today? Like Video conferencing. That's been around a while. Why a phone that supports it so expensive? If AT&T could offer more things to the public other providers don't have (other than the iPhone. That can easily be unlocked), there would be that much more motive to convince other citizens, of various countries they provide to, to switch over to AT&T.

I'm not really trying to promote AT&T to expand towards a broader selection of buyers. More or less, the phone I've been eyeballing with all the features I want... is also owned by a great sum of my close friends. and no other phone AT&T offers has all of the same features.


And my current phone is not a great one at all. I've had it for 3 years, it was free, it's always deleted contacts from my address book at random from time to time, and it's started to freeze lately.

although it HAS stood up to being dropped over 400 times...................


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