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long day

Been a loong day. even though I didn't do much. I've been wanting to create apps for my iphone, and for the apple products in general, but it requires a mac to do so... so I've been tyring to run mac os lion on my computer virtually so I can use xcode. It's a difficult process! I just hope it works for all this effort i'm putting into it already. My moms been raging at me too. It's nuts. I'll be happy when I can get to a position where I can move out. Maybe get some of my bros to help me rent an apartment, or just go off to school. What ever happens, I've been living on my own for two years, and it's quite a change to put put right back home and the nagging to start all over again. I'm sick of it and it's barley been 2 months... Internet speed sucks here too. If anything that's almost incentive enough to move out. haha. I love the place here, just too far in the country for high speed internet. Well, actually I have pretty good speed on my 4G LTE phone. I'm trying to get the hotspot to work for it so I can just use it for wifi. All I'd really need it for is gaming. I can handle waiting several hours to download large files if I have too. But being in a game then my mom trying to watch netflix is veyr annoying. it hogs all the bandwidth. We're supposed to have 5meg service out here. Sadly, downloads are granted about 5 seconds of 5meg speed, then it tapers down to 1.5megs or less. It's extremely annoying. so I can get a good burst, but bursts don't help much. I'm tempted to move into my buddies house, but his parents are nuts too! There's not a happy medium option yet. Searching for one.

Went to a haunted house tonight too. It was pretty good! Its definitely better to go in groups! I was i a group of 5 friends. 4 guys including me, and one girl. Was a confidence booster that she wanted me to "protect" her too. haha. I was the top choice! go me! I was rather impressed with the house. It took 45 minutes to get through. and We were going at a good fast pace because it was pretty scary. I'd love to work a haunted house! If only I had the stuff to make my own. This one was rather legit! I think its supposed to be the best on in Texas. At the beggining they had the control station in view from behind a chain link fence. I should have snapped a picture.... about 15-20 Amps for sound, 2 big screens for night vision security cameras, 2 screens to monitor power distribution incase wires were pulled or messed up, and a good computer setup to control audio and automated sets sounds and air compressors. It was way legit! The comptuer station would monitor each group that was in the house, and help the staff manage the crowd so it didn't get clustered, and to know when the best time was to send in a new group. It was great! I'd like to take another girl there and do it again. haha. I can dream right?

Halloween tomorrow! I can't wait!

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