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My best friend and his girlfriend

So, i was about to post ina forum about video games, and instead got distracted typing the dialog between my best friedn and his girl friend. So! I decided to make it a blog post instead. I've missed some of it, because I can't type super fast.. but I did my best! I thought it was funny... They still haven't noticed yet. irght now there's awkward silience, so I ahve time to type all this! Maybe they'll catch on...

Ready? Copy-paste!
Come on now, Video games aren't that bad. I love quiznos subs. Like twice. An xbox 6! haha. 1 2 3 . uh ;0! wait your friend hates you.What friend? the one that you just messaged. Oh. One of these times you will really fall over and i'll feel so bad. Mostly because I'll fall over too. What aer we gonna do now? Cut my hair now. I dont feel like it'll be very effective. I'm going swimming! I lvoe swimming. Boots and cats and boots and cats. i'm beat boxing. Dont you know? Don't die! Rip my arm out of my socket. I'm lokc this holding you. Sorry! Awwkard. The virus is almost done downloading onto your computer? What? I do believe that is going onto his computer. Hes' takin my viruses. oh :0! What are we listening to? Cybers house mafia? The doggie saved the world? ya yaya . This is his new one? yeah. I don't wanna fall over! Marsh mellows! my dad threw a couple at me last nightl. "Hey! marshmallow!" I feed the kids, i put marshmallows on a peice of toast, and toast it in a toaster over, and put chocolate on top, and they're obsessed with it.:0 the gum!! *hiccup* Wheres lue?! they just went outside. Why did you save the bag of gum? I dunno, she wanted gum. So she bought a bag of it? Lue you're here and I kicked you! I don't think she'll die. Mallow. Mellow? You spelt a lotof things wrong. I can't read any of that from here. if I squint i can a little. I love something in red. That's fine? i can't read it. So waht does it say? Ok well i can read taht now.

-I think they're on to me-

So you just make one huge post and you get a lot of points for it?
-yeah... but not the point here.

Do you hate me? yep. Good.

lol. They finally caught on. That's the dialogue!

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Two words - good grief!
standready on Sat Oct 27, 2012 2:37 am

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