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HALO 4!!!

Machinima has made a series of webisodes of Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn! And they are AWESOME! From what I understand they're only making five. Today the fourth one came out. Next friday is the finally. They did a real good job on them too! It's not some cartoon, it's legit people. It's a legit mini series! it all leads up to the release of Halo 4 next week. My only problem... I don't have an xbox 360... SO hopefully my next two paychecks will be enough to get the halo 4 edition of the 360. Even comes with a 320 gig hard drive. The biggest ever! i think. Although I still don't know much about the 360 since I've never owned one, so i'm not sure what the use of so much space is... I know in my modded original xbox, I have a 250gig hard drive to save games to it. Faster loading, and easier than keeping track of so many games. I'm still hoping to find a 1TB IDE hard drive that will fit and work well. Then I can have all my games stored with no worry of losing space. Luckily there are some games that still play on the 360, so I'll be able to just keep the non-360 classics on the original.

Crazy stuff. And still trying to build a new computer, AND looking at getting a new motorcycle. Luckily, my dad promised to get me a motorcycle, so with any MORE luck I'll be able to get a better one if I pay part of the cost. Just depends on work really. How much I get paid and such.

About to head into town to my brother in laws house to play Halo Reach. WooHoo!! Supposed to be a dance tonight at my church for 18-30 year olds... still not sure if I'm goin yet. Halloween theme would be fun! i'm thinkin of going as a road rash biker. haha. We'll see if I can find good scar makup somewhere for not too expensive.

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