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Finally got work

As I type, I'm riding in the back seat of a massive Chevy 3500, bein toted around to mow lawns. Not bad really. I've never mowed lawns so fast in my life. The season is practically over though. My boss manages foreclosed homes in the metroplex here. So he may even have more work winter using homes and such. Not a bad setup. Still don't know how much I'm gettin paid though... I can trust the guy though. He's married to my sister Razz same guy I mentioned a little bit about his computer I was upgrading. Figured out the problem with that too! His power supply was bad. That would explain the random crashes his computer had before. Tested using a PSU out of a gaming rig I had to spare for the moment. The same one new on is still available and still a good deal, so I gave him mine and he paid me to buy a new one. His old PSU he gave to me and it'll still work as a power supply to feed 700w of DC to other things, but not stable enough for a computer :/ I'll get a better amp to go with my home theater subwoofers and ill be able to use it in that. Right now their only getting 200 watts through eight 10" subs. Each speaker running on 25w isn't too bad for how it sounds. But I want more! Especially if they can handle 2000 watts total. Gotta do some Craigslist searching for deals. Sadly one of the subs is going out. So Ill save up to replace that first. So much to do! I'm sure glad I'm finally doing Something though. Makes me feel better with myself than sitting at home playing video games during the day and dating at night. Yay!!

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Congrats, glad to hear. I hate seeing people post they are out of work, which is just awful.
darthrevan on Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:37 pm
Nice Taytay! Working in the family.
standready on Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:14 am
TheLimey on Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:15 am

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