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So many projects! So little time

I've really got a lot going on. Along with my Brother in laws computer issue's i'm still working on resolving, I'm about to wire his brothers ranch with wireless AP's for his office barn and house. Going to play with fiber optic internet for the first time! Hopefully it goes smooth enough. I've done quite a bit of good research, and luckily the fiber is only to get the network signal past 300', which surprisingly enough 300' of the fiber cable I need is much cheaper than 300' of UV rated cat6 I though I was going to use. He's gonna have a nice gigabit network on his property! To bad actually internet speeds aren't the best, but he'll be able to access his files anywhere He normally is. That's the important part.

Doin some work on my truck too. It's a 1983 Chevy Shortbed 6.2L Diesel. Small thing, fun to drive, lots of upgrades and cosmetic work to do. I was trying to just fix the stereo, and now I'm replacing all sorts of things I see needs done. Much bigger project than i was anticipating, but while I have it gutted out to access the awkward locations of the speakers, I might as well fix everything else I've been wanting to do! So now the heaters going to finally work, the gauges are getting new lights, the AC vents are going to be replaced so I don't have to hold them in place with cardboard splints, the dashboard is being replaced, new plastic cover on the gauges, and new insulation behind the dash, hopefully to help retard some of the engine noise. Next step for the noise issue is a quieter muffler. It's got Dual exhaust that some guy got off a Mustang GT... Sounds really nice! But not really giving the truck it's full power. To help with power we're hoping to put a turbo on it too! It's gonna be fun!

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I'm sure there are a number of us who would be interested in more details about the network, and how the project goes. Is it somewhat like the "mesh potato" scheme being developed for rural areas? I suppose you are using the fiber for a very high-speed backbone, but are there other wireless-only segments?

When you say it is a gigabit network, of course, I assume you mean on the wired segments. Presumably you will be able to communicate at blinding speed between the house and the main access points, but around 45 Mbit/sec (probably adjusted for the last two generations of wireless routers I don't know about yet) between _any_ two points on the property.
SonLight on Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:33 am

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