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Doin good!

Getting well adjusted quick well back to normal life after the mission. Getting back into computers quick too. I've already done some upgrades for sisters husband. Although I'm having troubles installing his graphics drivers with his Biostar a85w and AMD A10-5800k. I'm wondering if one of them is defective.. Trying out beta drivers now, then I'll have to RMA for replacements. Don't know what else it could be. Maybe power supply? The motherboard, CPU and RAM are both new. The computer was having problems crashing before. I couldn't figure it out though. Before I RMA I'll try a second power supply. Would be much easier to get a new power supply then RMA the mobo and CPU and wait for return and replacement. Bad PSU would explain the unknown crashes before too. It's really the last thing to try to replace. I'd have to check what it is again. I got a good one so they would have upgradability for graphics cards in the future. All i can remember is its 700watts.
Restared after beta drivers, still crashes. Sad stuff. I even did a full wipe of the computer to try and see if the old drivers were conflicting. I'll have to make the 2 hour round trip home and back later to see if swapping the PSU fixes it. i really hope so!

If anyone has any ideas that would be great! The system runs fine until I install the graphics drivers and reboot. First I installed them from the CD that came with the motherboard, then tried some from ATI's website. I can't remember what the version is, or if there's even a difference. All I could gather from windows event logs was the USB3 port drivers fail, which were installed from the CD at the same time along with graphics, hence trying graphics only. Nothings pluged into those.

JUST got a BSOD, said something about USB... and that was during system restore. hmm... Maybe the mobo? It's socket FM2 so I don't have anything to compare it with. I'll try the PSU then RMA the motherboard first if it fails. Unless someone else has some suggestions.

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