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Six flags, more fun!

Went to six flags over Texas last night! I haven't been in over two years. It was super fun! I remember last time I was on a roller coaster it started to feel boring, I had gone multiple times each year over the years, but this two year gap, I suppose, helped me to forget what it felt like. Since my body wasn't so used to it, I felt the same G forces as when I was little, and it was a LOT of fun! haha. I want to go back now, but I want a season pass since tickets are so expensive. I'll have to wait until next year. I went with a group this time, and we got a group discount, so we each paid 28 dollars for our tickets! My friend that came with me who decided last moment he wanted to go spent 65 dollars.... he wasn't too happy about that. He was hoping to bring a girly friend too, but she had to work. So he was buggin out that he could have had more fun if he waited and went with her for 30 bucks sometime. lol. I'm not sure how many you need in the group before you get that discount though. But he has a point. I had a girl with me, and he was kind of.... there. Poor kid.

Also, on the money note. We've been wanting to get some surround sound gaming headphones. The cheapest ones we've found in stores are 75 dollars I think... for a decent pair. I think there was a shotty pair for 65. But for the six flags ticket and the lame time he had, he could have saved the money to get a pair of headphones... Whether or not he actually would have bought them instead of coming is another question, since either of us don't have much money. But it's the thought of, "for about the same price, I could have spent it on something better."

Overall, I think it was a fun night. We went to Denny's afterward and had water and watched everyone else eat something because we couldn't afford food.. So we got water. good thing its free. haha

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