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Played in a video Game Tournament
We've never signed up for a tournament, since they usually cost money. This one, however, was free! So we signed up with 3 of us total we know in real
life, and 4 others as backups, only 5 can play at a time. We worked it out with Henderson to be able to play at his house. Perfect! His wife was out of town so we could make a raucous and not disturb anyone but the neighbors. We loaded up the Suburban (Yukon XL, same thing) with the computers in and the stereo, and the three of us headed to Henderson's house. Got there and started to setup the computers like mad, the tournament would start any moment!
Then disaster struck...
We hooked the computers to the router, and they didn't work. AH! Wireless worked, but the Wired did not. After resetting the router, about an hour of trying to figure out settings, we determined that the Wired plugs on the router are broken. At this point we think we're supposed to wait for an email to know our tournament time. No email so far, so we're still good. To our surprise we have 3 desktops, and 4 laptops. 4 of us total playing. Playing on a laptop sucks... but then I came up with another idea! I could wire the laptops to give internet to the desktops! crazy stuff. I had to strip wires and cables and rewire them in a way that would work. After all this struggle, it finally did! Which meant we were running 7 computers total, just so 4 people could play... BUT it worked. We got that done, only to realize, that it was not an email we were waiting for, but we were supposed to be online in the game, and they would send us a message.. Only problem, we weren't online because the internet was down!
Officially, we were in the tournament. In Reality, we never got to play. Worst bump out of my life Sad not that I was too confident that I would be of any help to win. I've kinda been away for two years Wink
All in all, it turned into another gaming sleep over. Pizza soda and chips all around! Blaring Dubstep and other fun techno. Almost like the good old times, But this time I was sleepy when 12AM came around... that's not usual! Guess there's still missionary in me Smile
taylor = StudMuffin
brock = Ps7cho
Henderson = Ahandle292

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"Worst bump of my life"
Are you kidding me with all that you seen in the past two years. Yeah, I know you are bummed about not getting to play but really?
standready on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:23 pm

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