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the REAL Taytay returns!

So... It's good to be home! I've been away from Frihost for a long time. I am grateful my friend took care of the blog while I was away. Yay for friends! I haven't gone through the old blog posts yet. From what I've heard, I've got some surprises waiting for me... I'm glad you all have enjoyed the substitute taytay.

Down to business! I've been out of technology for 2 years. I've heard rumors, but that's about it. It's been 3 and a half years since I built my gaming rig. Now it's out of date! The hard part is trying to catch up with whats new and good, and finding what hardware is compatible with each other. Technology sure has grown! When i left, the 6 core had Just come out from AMD. They have since released an 8-core! The sad part is how well a new Intel chip does compared to AMD with only 4 cores. Although I do realize that programs are still working on mastering the capabilities of multiple cores, so while 4 is most popular and receives the better optimization, 8 cores hasn't received quite the programming work to be fully supported.

Given, these statements shouldn't be quoted, This is what I've gathered so far. So! Any good factual comments would be great! Suggestions? I know I want at least 12Gigs of ram. Video Games at 1080P or greater take a lot of Ram these days. Crossfire or SLI or is just a top notch card good enough?

I'll be using it for everything. My home theater center, school, gaming, and everything in between. An ultimate computer to do it all.

Also, I want a raid system. I could get an SSD, or I could get a heavy raid system. Benefits with Raid VS SSD, raid would give me Much more storage capacity and fault safety. SSD would be quieter, and possibly cheaper if I go the six to eight 1TB drives. Although I suppose if I did a large raid I could get away with 500Gb, since the storage would add up. But, if I do a Raid, would a Raid card be better, or would on-board built-in raid be sufficient(although the average board I've seen has no more than 6 sata ports, It would be nice to have ONE for a BD-RW drive.

So that's my current delimma.

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Welcome back, Taytay!!! Just remember whatever computer system you chose to 'upgrade' into, in six months or less, it will be an obsolete (so to speak) antique.

I miss the substitute taytay already. laugh
standready on Sat Sep 15, 2012 12:19 am

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