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So randomly talking to me friends today and we came across a rather interesting topic, one that begs a very age old question. We all had different answers and for the sake of not boring anyone reading thing completely to tears, I shall skip over them for now. [Also the original Tay is probably gonna kill me when he reads all the girly things I post on his blog..^_^ Can't wait]


Back to the story! One of my friends is having a dilemma about another friend of ours, us and our tiny little group so special. -ehem- Anyways our one friend is really into our other friend, and if we had to say who, was "closer" or slightly better friends with each other it would be these two. However friend one is afraid to tell friend two the truth behind their feelings and are in fact trying to ignore them. Friend one is also pretty certain that friend two doesn't feel the same way and doesn't want to risk ruining their friendship over feelings they aren't comfortable with anyway.

Which leads me to the question I wanted to ask, and have total strangers give me their opinions on. Ready? Okay. That wasn't the question the question is coming up like now. "What would you do in this situation? Have you ever been in this situation what did you do and how did you manage to deal with it? Did you tell them? Did you let it go? Did it work out or did you lose out on a very good friend or did things stay exactly the same?! Okay so that was way more than one question but yeah go ahead let the replies fly! I won't be here much longer..sadly..:< So you have to answer my questions while you still can before Tay comes back and takes over the blogys again ..-cries-

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I would say, that they should just tell them. That is what I would do, but each relationship is different and since I know nothing about their relationship cannot say for certain that I would act in that way. Relationships are very different depending on the people involved and it takes knowing each of them somewhat intimately for others to be able to tell without a doubt what they should do. Perhaps you could set it up so that they were alone together and see what happens. Perhaps it will evolve into something deeper given time, perhaps not. Perhaps nothing will come of it until someone acts on what they feel. Only time, patience and friends and others meddling will tell. Good luck!
pauline123 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:37 pm

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