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May 7, 2012

FAMILY! It's been a great week. We're starting to make more head-way here in Jesup. Doing our best all the time! It really doesn't feel like it's been 7 days since i emailed last... I've got a lot of pictures to upload to the picture frame! Just in the process. They're all cropped and prettied up, now to email them to the frame... On saturday Elder Ball and I helped some members fix a hole in their roof. They had a Sunroof that came with the house, but it started to leak a few weeks after they moved in. For the past 15 years they've been dealing with it, and they've had a tarp over it for the longest time. They got us all the supplies, and we went and patched it! i'm really upset I forgot about taking pictures of it... We had to work as fast as we could though. For a big project, and threat of rain in a day or two (we actually got some last nice) and since we ripped the tarp... our ONLY option was to finish. haha. It was fun! An all day project, and they didn't have green shingles to match the rest of the roof, so it has a big brown patch in the middle of it. but hey it's keeping the water out (they said)!! Some pictures of the dog house project are on their way. And a picture of a wittle scorpion we found while working under the sisters house with termite damage. Can you send me a few chickens? haha. So much work! And much of it is service.. This world is literally physically falling apart! haha.

Well I love you family! I hope you're all doing well. I'll be on around 2:30PM Georgia time on my skype, the1studmuffin. I can't wait!\

I have a BETTER IDEA!!!! Go to Download this program and make an account. I can "skype" with all of you at the same time.. Or rather, i don't know where all of you are at, so if Jessica is in Flordia, Adrianne is in Fort Worth, Marina is in Tyler, and Mom and Dad are in Rhome, We can have a Video Conference call and I can see all of you at once just where you are Very Happy Free Video Conference Calling! yaaaaay.

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