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Yay Friends!!!!!

So as of tomorrow it will be officially six weeks until I get to talk to one of my friends again and four weeks for a different friend!!!! I'm so excited they're really awesome people and I can't wait to talk with them again, and play games and do all that stuff! ^_^ I'm happy. Anyway that is all just a small post to share my excitements!

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I also thought that post was going to be a lot longer than expected but I got distracted and forgot what I was going to say half way through writing it...hmm I hate when that happens...has that ever happened to you? I mean seriously it's the most annoying thing sometimes and it just makes me want to take my brain out of my head and shake it and yell RAWR! But then people look at me funny and I have terrible anxiety and when that kicks in it's not pretty. Hey! I just shared a secret of mine with anyone who reads this. Yup, yup I sure did. Although I don't expect most people to read this so I guess it won't be such a big deal. So when I say large groups of people make me nervous it's okay! Especially strangers, large groups of strangers give me bad bad bad anxiety attacks and it's the worst when I actually bump into or come into contact with to many of those people. It's bad and I pass out..x.x. Unless someone I know is with me, than I ted to unintentionally cling to them..which I'm pretty sure annoys a lot of my friends but I don't mean to they just happen to be my safe spot in that instance you know? Yeah anyway bye imaginary people I love joo!!!!! <333333

Oh and for that one awesome friend...E>
taytay on Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:19 am
Us, imaginary people make the best friends. Especially when we give you feedback. By the way anxiety about large groups of people is not uncommon. You can handle it. You can even beat it if you work at it.

Good luck making it the 4 and 6 weeks for your friends to come back.
pauline123 on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:13 pm

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