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More Wishful Thinking...

So, for once..on a semi serious note while looking for a new job I came up with a new idea I felt compelled to share. I was applying for a cake decorating job, because my kitchen I'm pretty decent at it. Anyway, what if applications weren't all paper and loads of online searching? I mean for example you apply to be a cake decorator and instead of having you write down everything you're capable of why don't employer's say; "Okay you wanna work for us? Make us your best looking cake show us what you're capable of don't tell us." -Or- "Hey, here are all the tools you'd need to have to work for us dazzle us." I mean I suppose some jobs work that way like but why can't all of them? After all a piece of paper or a screen full of questions can only tell you a small fraction of what a person is, and if that person is nervous or something that small fraction can be very frayed or misleading! I dunno that's just what I felt as I fill out this 90million applications and needed a break. Welp, back at it I go! -Batmanvanishingactthingy-

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I highly disagree with the above poster... wishful thinking gets you nowhere; only informed effort and occasionally dumb luck work to reach our goals.

That said, a lot of skill based jobs do require a demonstration of ability as part of the screening process. Yes, the paper and interview process is involved, helping the employer weed out potential candidates before putting forward the effort to test hands-on... at least most of the jobs I've applied to and gotten (outside of basic retail, telemarketing, etc) have involved an initial verbal interview, based on CV/resume, then if you perform well enough, you're invited back to demonstrate skills and knowledge set. Most academic positions require you to demonstrate your knowledge in your field (beyond what's demonstrated in your publications, etc. on your CV), and most arts based jobs require a good portfolio demonstrating your capabilities...

Even if a job doesn't have a demonstration component to its hiring process... it certainly couldn't hurt to bring in a demo cake. If nothing else, you could use it as a sweet bribe Wink
Ankhanu on Tue May 22, 2012 12:30 am
I disagree with you, Ankhanu, on this one. First of all, “the above poster” has a name and it is Taytay Chips and you have entered his blog so I think “the above poster” is a little on the - in the forum formal posting style.I don’t know for sure but do think blogs are little different?

Anyway, enough about that. I also disagree Taytay Chips blog is about wishful thinking in reference to work being done. He (did i get that right ‘he’ hope so) is simply saying he wishes the push for superiour resume/cv’s was not so great.

I can see the point because for some positions effort on a piece of paper is not related at all to job performance. I actually think there are some paid employment’s that look less at the paper and more at the work or person doing the work. Music and the arts are one thing I can think of where that might apply or in this case cake decorating an art form as well. How could you do it? Maybe by filling a need. Plop the cake down and say, no charge demo. If asked have a business card.

But in the end Ankhanu is right in that someone offering a job will usually say, great your hired, bring in your resume tomorrow. What are you going to do. Supply a list of cakes styles for the places you worked for (including volunteerism) along with your name, contact numbers, references and what the heck you actually do, who knows it might actually work? Did I say, don’t use paper? Don’t use paper. A resume on a cake, now your cooking.

This has been a product of Bluedoll’s writing service Laughing
Bluedoll on Wed May 23, 2012 9:54 pm
There was another commenter before mine who's post has been deleted, Bluedoll; they were stating that wishful thinking would deliver on your dreams and hopes.
Ankhanu on Wed May 23, 2012 10:10 pm

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