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April 16th, 2012

Hey Family! It's been a great week here in Georgia. Starting to get warmer... The suit jacket is probably going to come off soon. We only wear it when we're in public now as it is, which is probably how it will stay.

I hope you've all had a great week. I sure did! I got a letter from a friend in Australia! I can't remember how exactly we met... but it had to do with working on websites with EFY stuff. I wrote him a letter at the very start of my mission, and he was just now able to write me back. He's been on his mission for 9 months now in Perth Australia! I thought it was neat to get a letter after all this time. I figured my letter never got to him. I've never sent a letter outside of America before that... that i can recall. I supposed it was lost at sea. Cost me 93 cents with the stamp i got from the MTC. Australia's currency must be a little different, because it cost him nearly $3 to reply.. no wonder it took so long. It was a pleasant surprise Razz It'll pay one day to have LDS techy friends in various locations around the world.. mua ha ha.

Hope you're all doing well.. Haven't really heard much from y'all... But I know you pray for me! And I pray for you too. My prayers have been getting more intense lately. So many people to pray for! I nearly need to keep a list on my itouch and scroll through it when i pray. haha. it's all good though. Those I can remember as i pray are the ones who need it at that time. I'll always think of more people to pray for at other times during the day. That's why we keep prayers in our hearts right? Very Happy

Well.. There's not too much for Elder Ball and I to do in Jesup, so we're going to go play phase 10 and buy a gallon of fruit snacks. it just sounded awesome, so we're gonna do it... Love you all!

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