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March 19th, 2012

Hello family!
Doing great in Jesup! My new companions name is Elder Ball!! He's from Rigby, Idaho! He's a hoot. He loves Jesup too. Much more laid back than the City he just got transferred from. We're having fun.

Tori was confirmed yesterday! AH it was great! the spirit was so strong!! We went over that evening too and talked to them about being firmer and firmer in the faith (Heleman 3:35) and did a "self-evaluation" with them that the mission president gave us as a tool to work with members, then asked what we could do to help them out. They said they are going to be more diligent in Family Home Evenings! Tonight they're going to do a talent show. haha. I wish we could be there, We might be in Darien this evening though.

Everything else is going great though! I'm working on redownloading the Mormon Message Video's to my iTouch. Somehow some of the files on my iTouch got corrupted and it can't play them any more. So I have to redownload them. They have been a great tool in teaching lessons. Sunday the Young Men's President was out of town getting a temple recommend interview, so he asked us if we could teach the class. It was crazy in there... They're too small to split of into individual classes, so we had deacons teachers and priests in there. The lesson was on the Eternal Importance of Families! It went pretty good. I plugged my ipod into the TV and showed them a video on Families can be Together Forever. I think it was the best part. They were actually quiet through the whole thing too! It was great!!!

Anyway. If anyone could get me Elder Sears address, that would be great! I have some messages I need to send him, and a package with a tshirt!

I love you family! Good to hear from you again this week! Have a Good week Very Happy

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