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March 5th, 2012

HELLO Family! It was great to hear from all of you again this week! I enjoyed the pictures too... haha. Glad you're all doing great! I'm doing good too. The Jesup ward is a fun place! I still prefer Texas, but this is a good place to serve as a missionary Razz One of the families here is actually moving to Texas! He's in the Army at Fort Stewart, and is being transfered to Fort Hood. They might be stopping by the Rhome house within the next month or so... They said they'd take some stuff home for me if I wanted.. And guess what I have to send home?!?!? A member here works on the Emergency Radio towers for the Government here, and has some old Repeaters they replaced with fancy new ones... they still work and all, and he has the service manuals and everything! He said I was free to have them Very Happy He can't remember the exactly frequencies they are for, but they are at least very close to Ham Radio one's! There is a high possibility of being able to fix them to work on the right ones. I'm excited! hahahaha. I can bring home random electronics junk without being home! hahaha. I love my life.

Anyways.. I'm doing great! I even got a few letters this week. It's been a very good week over all.

I do need one thing though... I'm not allowed to Email Elder Sears anymore (sad) so can someone please get me his Mission Office address or whatever address I can write letters too that He'll be able to get? And I have a package I want to send also...I think He's allowed to email other people still, so you can even email him at -------------------------- and ask him Razz Thank you so mucho!

I love you family! And Drans profile! I've already showed it to one member! She really liked it Razz Everyone still thinks mine is strange with the picture I have on there with my beard... haha.

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