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February 27th, 2012

Hey Family!
So great to hear from all of you this week! I love your letters and emails Very Happy I love you all so much.

This week went by really fast. Kind of like the last one... The nights are getting shorter too, I swears! It's not nice. But I am doing well. Elder Wilcox and I are trying our best to run every morning. Today we ran in the rain. It was fun.

We got some new tools from the mission president this week to use with strengthening members. I love them! Better forms and stuff to keep track of things. But the best one is a "Member Self-Evaluation" form... Pretty much gives a list of some basic commandments that keep faith the strongest, and enable members to be ready to share the gospel more, and we number them 1 - 5, five being the best, and have the members rate themselves on how they're doing, Then we ask them what we can help them with Razz sounds kind of brutal when i put it that way.. It's a lot nicer than that, but in a nut shell that's what it is. haha.

Been workin on a members house with termite damage every weekend since I've been here. Been fun! did you get the pictures on the pulse? Very Happy fun stuff. I think we're almost done... Just a few more boards to replace. Them terminites got her house gooood. Razz

I'm at the Parable of the Olive tree now in Jacob 5. Fun stuff! I was just pondering on the words in there, about the evil fruit in the bad soil, and it prospering; and the good fruit in the best soil and it withering. If you look in the world today, you definitely see how in this country people can take so much for granted, with all the blessings they have, and still be so far from God and rejecting him even, then in impoverished parts of the world where the gospel is, they are receiving so many blessings and honoring God for them. I saw a good example at walmart today. I feel a little rude talking mentioning it though... It was raining today, so at walmart the carts were all wet. They provide towels so you can wipe down your cart and dry it off. Some overweight people came in and started complaining about them not having hired someone to wipe down the cart, and how horrible walmart was for being so inconsiderate to their needs. It was rather rude talk. While my skinny-sih self and my companion wiped down our cart in no more than 10 seconds and were on our way, and a few more people doing the same. The lazy overweight complainers wandered their way to the bakery place and started picking through the pre-cooked, ready to eat foods they were going to buy that they could hold without the need of a cart....

it was quite an experience, especially after having read in Jacob this morning. It was an eye opener. Or rather, an eye brow raiser. haha.

anyways. Hope you all are having revelatory experiences with the scriptures too! I love them Razz I'll be sending you some pictures of a baptism we're going to have here in a couple weeks. Yay baptism!!

Love you family! Hope you hear from you again next week. Thank you again for your emails Very Happy

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