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February 20th, 2012

Hey Family! Been a great week for me. Went by a little fast. We had something each day that took up a lot of time.. Monday P-day, Tuesday Service at the hospital, Wednesday District Meeting, Thursday quarterly Mission presidents interviews, Friday Weekly Planning, Saturday Foundation repair at the Blockers, Sunday Church.... it was a strange week. A good one though!

Sunday we had dinner at the Haney's, and they made a Birthday cake for me Razz It was very nice of them. Cake from a box, and home made frosting! Ah! I didn't know homemade frosting was possible, but it was super delicious! I think I found my favorite place to eat in Jesup. haha. my companion and I are going to have to watch it though. He's gained 20 pounds in the 5 months he's been here... We're trying to run every morning. I'm just not a morning runner.. I'd rather run when it's hot and sunny out like I did in Texas. haha. I'm strange.

I'm loving reading the Book of Mormon more and more! I have a slight problem though, I keep getting ahead of myself. It's all just so good! Plus President Barry asked us all to Highlight the points to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we go along: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End; and to highlight them each in a different color. Every Single Page refers to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in one way or another. I haven't found one that doesn't yet, and at the least, it's going to mention the name of Christ in one way or another.

Sunday a member gave a talk on being "Christ Centered." To prepare for his talk he looked up how many different names or references for Christ there are in the Scriptures. He wanted to read them all as part of his talk until he found out how many there were. Over 100 in the Book of Mormon alone. I would even wonder if there's more. So he read only about 20, that started with "A". It was a great talk Razz I never thought about how many different names for Christ there are. I've seen a poster with a name for Christ from Every Book of the Bible. That was neat. BUT there's so many more.

I love the gospel so much. And I know it's true. it's continuing to change my life each and every day. I love it! and I love sharing it! I hope you all are praying and seeking ways you can share the gospel with people all around you. More and more we're receiving messages as missionaries from Leaders of the Church about the Urgency in the work, and the need to be witnesses at all times, in all things, and in all places. A great gathering must take place, and we must be on our toes to share it with anybody, and if possible every body. There's so many people lost and looking for truth, depressed and seeking relief, sad and urging for happiness. ONLY this gospel which we all have in our lives will grant it to them. Never fear. The Lord is on your side Razz

I love you all so much, and I pray for you all daily. I thank you for your prayers too.

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