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February 6th, 2012

FAIMLY! I'm in JESUP Georgia. hahaha. Last year during Christmas time when I was in Waycross, I came on a trade off to Jesup and met some people. Now I'm serving here! I made a friend up here that time and they had a dream Tuesday night that I was getting transferred to Jesup, and felt it was true... creepy!

And I did not get Keryna's package... so I have no clue where it went.

My new companion is Elder Wilcox. hahaha. He's great. We served around each other in Brunswick. I was in 1st ward, he was in 2nd. So we already know each other. he's really funny too, so we get along well. This area is much more condensed than Darien, so that makes me a little happier. More people we can talk to that are less burned out by missionaries! We've already found 3 new people to teach, who are all very nice and receptive! yay! We do a lot of service for the ward members here too, much like Darien. We helped a member split some wood the day after I got here. luckily he has a hydraulic splitter! Elder Wilcox ripped his pants picking up a log... haha. We're thinking we need to run in the mornings. Just so hard! I prefer running during the day and to fun techno music... kinda hard as a missionary when we can't during the day, and techno is not allowed... oh well.

My last day in Darien, I had breakfast at Papa Padgett's house. He's a counselor to the mission president, and usually drives missionaries around to meetings, and they like to have breakfast with missionaries leaving darien, and feed them any meal of their request. I chose ham and cheese omelets! Boy they were good! I've been talking about with members a lot too, and I had previously helped sister Padgett get her's started. She hadn't finished yet and wanted to finish it before I left, so before we went to our meeting she hopped on the computer (one that I fixed too. Upgraded their RAM ) and finished it out. I love the Padgett's! Transfers was good too. I always love going. Anytime I get to hear the President teach us I love to be there! He's the prophet for our mission area after all! Sad to see the departing missionaries go. So scary to think that time is coming up for me... I've got so much work to do still! ah!!

So we're at the hospital right now. Missionaries have been volunteering here for a while. They let us use their computers too. Which I don't mind because their not too shabby, the screen size is just like the green computer at home, and the hospital has killer internet speeds! haha. Pondering upon it, that would be a great advantage to being a Computer Tech at a school or hospital or some other large company. You manage the network, and you have access to the large bandwidth! I could use some of that! hahaha.

So, I couldn't make the deadline for applying to BYU for fall. but that is OK with me since it would start September 10th.... I'll ponder on Christmas. There's still that metaphysics class i wanna go to if it's still going. It's a one year course... will have to see.

On a more spiritual note. I STILL love reading the scriptures... haha. I got a few pages behind because of transfers, and the Orientation meeting today at the hospital. it's not too hard to read to catch up, but I've also been writing one page summaries of what I've been reading. That takes up more study time when i have a third or fourth page to also ready and summarize. I learn so much though!!! I love it! And I noticed the scriptures which tells us that only the Jews would be wicked enough to crucify Christ. No other nation on earth would have dared do such a thing. Any other nation would have repented and worshiped him as their God (2 Nephi 10:3-4). Intense stuff!!! Little by little. "Inch by inch is a cinch. Yard by Yard is Hard." as a wise Orange Park Florida lady once told me Razz

well i must go now. Time to eat my free lunch! I love you family! Keep telling people to write me! My new mail box is empty.. hahaha..

And work on your profiles! I want to share them with people. haha. "Look this is my family!!"

any ways. Love you, bye.

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