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January 30th, 2012

Hey Family,

Sooo. I'm getting transferred D: It's already that time. I can hardly believe it. I forgot last monday that it was coming up. Our missionary planners have 6 weeks total in them, but we've recently changed to using a new planner Every month, rather than every transfer; which makes it hard to remember what week of the transfer it is. I'd say it helps relieve some stress of how much time is left, so you stop worrying about the time and focus on the work. That wasn't even their original thinking in doing the planners monthly.. a successful byproduct!

I got a letter from Keryna, I may have mentioned last week, and she said she mailed me a Christmas care package........ I have not gotten such a package D''': Maybe the mission office has it and I'll get it Wednesday at transfer meeting...

As far as a birthday present goes, I could use a new suit. Mine are a little tight...... and I don't mean around the waist either. Although there is a Little of that. haha. My shoulders and arms are bigger from going to the YMCA every morning. While i'm still not HUGE like I want to be (haha) it still makes my jackets tighter. When I got them they fit JUST right anyway. I should have assumed that I'd grow a little bit and gotten my suits slightly bigger.

I was supposed to be following up with a back doctor soon, but since I'm getting transferred I'll have to go through the painful process of seeing doctors again just to get referred to a proper back doctor. It's so difficult to take care of medical stuffs when you move around so much. The desk workers always raise an eyebrow anyway when I give them the mission office address in Florida as my home address and their office is in Georgia. "You came all the way here just to see our doctor?" haha. SO, I could find a place in my new area when I get there that I can get a tailored suit at. If only they had Missionary malls or CTR clothing stores down here. Is there any change we could send my body measurements to the people in Idaho Falls or something and they can send me one sized jacket and pants? i dunno. Machine washable would be nice though Razz The ones I wear pretty much everyday are a pair I got from Brady Rhodes 'goodwill garbage bags' he was getting rid of a long time ago. They work great!

We got to take a tour of FLETC (flet-see) today. Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. There's a lot of people in Brunswick that work there from the congregations here. I worked with one who's the Ward Mission Leader in the Ward I served in Last year. They got us in and showed us around. We got to go to the shooting ranges and watch them shoot a P229-6R SIG SAUER 40 caliber, then an M4 5.56 Fully Automatic/Burst/Single Fire. It was COOOOOL! Bishop Wilson in the Brunswick 1st ward knows all the shooting range guys. He's a head honcho in Border Patrol himself. When I come back through on a mission tour he said he'll let me in on shooting full auto. hahaha! I'm excited for that! If only I were allowed to take pictures inside there Sad I saw lots of cool things! haha.

It's been a good last P-day in the Brunswick district. Now I wonder where I'm gonna go next!
Leaving Darien I've fixed / cleaned-up 16+ computers... and about 10+ are working on profiles! I love Maybe I'll get to help work on it a little in the future. Very Happy

We've also got permission to fill out college applications... I'm registered on TCC's website to fill out applications. Now I just need to figure out what it is i have in my brain that I want to do. Suggestions? I'm still thinking go to TCC for a little bit, at least fall/winter or what ever, then perhaps BYU.

Well, i love you all lots! Keep trying to work on profiles. haha. My companions mom just finished hers. He's been sharing it with all the members we're introducing to

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