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January 23rd, 2012

well!! Hello again. Been a crazy week. A great one though! I gave a talk in church... my 3rd one in the branch. They need more people here! haha. Or more that are willing to give talks. I love to though. I learn more preparing for the talk than I talk about. I love having the iTouch too! The Gospel Library application is great!!! I can search for anything Very Happy Except for Shadrach.. It doesn't like to search for him for some reason... haha.

The more I learn the more I realize how much I have Yet to learn. haha. It just never ends! There was a missionary here a while ago named Elder Pelo, who told us a story of when he was a kid and he was crying in bed, his mom came in to see what was wrong, and he cried, "I can't stop thinking about eternity. It just keeps going!!!" hahaha. That's pretty much how I feel sometimes.

Still doing good though. We're kind of teaching a pastor right now. It's pretty neat Razz Who knows if he'll accept and it'll go anywhere. But we both feel that he's more open than he would like us to believe. He accepted to read and pray about it. Let the spirit's power work! haha.

Been having too much fun showing members here Quite a few of them are older and don't do much at all on the computer, and feel so high tech making a profile. hahaha. I've officially fixed/tuned up 13 computers here in Darien. I made a list and doing my best to remember all the computers I've worked on... I foresee making some fair money off of these talents in the future. haha.

Well i must go now. I love you all! Keep up reading the Book of Mormon.

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