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January 9th, 2012

it's the second week of 2012... and I still live... YAY!
We had a very confusing baptism this past weekend... It was a family from another missionaries area, that was being taught by a different set of missionaries... If that makes sense at all.. I'm still trying to figure it out. haha.But it happened here in Darien because all their family is here. I'm glad it went well. The four of us that didn't teach them had a funny feeling about it though, which we all voiced to the Other missionaries that were teaching them... But they still got baptized and everything seems well so far, so we aren't sure what the funny feeling was all about. The closing hymn was I am a child of God, which we sang 3 verses of and I got to play on the piano! For the third verse I played the version that I've been practicing a long time on Very Happy It was awesome! Now i just wish I had the second part down... working on it. Working on it!

I'm enjoying reading the book of Mormon yet again! It's amazing how by the time you read all the way though Moroni, then start again in Nephi, how much you vaguely remember that you practically learn again because you forgot. I need to read more! then maybe I'd remember.. If they made Invader Zim episodes with the Book of Mormon I would remember pretty good. hahaha.

Mom- You may have noticed I pulled some music off of the green computer... Every so often I remember a song or two that I want, so instead of buying it all over again, I may occasionally use teamviewer to download them from the green beast Razz Yay technology!

Well i must go now. i love you all! Hope you're having a great week!
Don't forget those profiles! hahaha.

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